Meet the ‘Totes Amaze’ girls


When the unconventional act of turning your regular TV into an Internet TV is accomplished in three steps, it’s considered ‘totally amazing’.

At least, that’s how the fun loving duo Debbie and Chloe describe it. Shortening the phrase into the catchy expression “totes amaze,” these two young ladies share what they love about the wonder gadget TVolution, the latest innovation of PLDT Home. This small but powerful device has the ability to turn your ordinary television at home into an Internet TV, which offers limitless viewing possibilities.

“It’s totes amaze!” exclaim Debbie and Chloe, the characters in PLDT Home TVolution’s latest commercial. The two are comically stereotypical girls, but they help everyone else appreciate how cool a gadget can be when it offers amazing features while being incredibly simple to use.

According to the pretty pair, “With TVolution, you can bring your Internet experience to a screen larger than your desktop or laptop computer because your TV becomes your monitor. It also gives you access to exclusive PLDT Home content such as Clickplay, which lets you stream from a selection  of over 200 blockbuster movies on-demand. Unlimited entertainment at utmost viewing comfort is sure to level up and enhance family bonding moments at home.”

TVolution also bypasses the complicated setup and operation  of a gadget. Take it from Debbie and Chloe, who love it because “it’s easy yet so techy.”

To enjoy more of Debbie and Chloe’s quirks, visit their Facebook page ‘Totes Amaze Girls.’ To learn more about PLDT HOME TVolution, call 171 or log on to


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