• Meeting ‘Mr. Man of the Universe’



    Awards these days in recognition of one’s relevant impact on social services are a dime a dozen making it difficult for one to discriminate the authentic from the dubious that proliferate with impunity in a community that glorifies vapid accomplishments.

    Just recently, Caveat witnessed an awards rite held in Davao City in which a caboodle of awardees for public service and showbiz had to be flown in from Manila.

    From the aforesaid list of motley awardees the name of a certain physician Sevillo Tamayo somehow caught my attention with his unfamiliar moniker of a “Naturopath Doctor.” He must be a guru of sort in the science of herbal medicine or whatever to deserve a cut in the marquee at the event’s place.

    Brushing it aside, at a much later time back in the metro, I was almost swept off my feet when over a set dinner at a swanky hotel in Ortigas with some friends in showbiz we would meet up front the same man. And this time with a stately crown on his head and a glittering sash pinned across his breast bearing the title “Mr. Man of the Universe.”

    The man came marching in last gliding slowly to the rousing sound of a canned music from Vienna following four other gorgeous ladies in signature gowns also wearing their respective crowns and sashes each bearing the title “Mrs. Queen of the Universe.”

    They were formally presented onstage as the chosen Philippines representatives of a coming international pageant abroad. Like the ladies, Tamayo had to justify his title as well. He stood there in front and tongue-in-check said he would drink muriatic acid straight from the bottle he was holding. We thought we were in for a tricky Houdini act.

    Amazingly, he drank the acid in its most symbolic act after tempering down the same with variegated solutions coming from his breakthrough experiments for over two decades as certified naturopath (Ph.D.), bio-chemist, scientist, herbalist, researcher-inventor and formulator of approximately 342 botanical plants, vegetables, and fruits found in the country to make for a powerful and diverse spectrum of immune system for the body’s self-healing capacity.

    He then inveigled everyone to have a taste of the now non-toxic muriatic acid on hand. No one ever dared, but somehow those present were convinced that the doctor has walked his talk being the global supplier of his own herbal products.

    As “Mr. Man of the Universe” for World-Class Japan Award and vis-a-vis overseas contestant shortly in the months to come, the doctor has a string of other awards waiting for him abroad, namely “Mr. Man of the Universe USA-Gawad Amerika” in California, and the same title to be awarded in Barcelona, Spain.

    Seems like the first “Mr. Man of the Universe” award is in store for the country’s most likely winner, a muriatic acid drinker! Toast to that and think Guinness Book of World Records.


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