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    LONDON—We met Her Majesty the Queen… of Netflix that is!

    In the Know is wrapping up a week’s visit to the heart of United Kingdom where we interviewed the fabulous Claire Foy of “The Crown.” Back in January, she won Golden Globe’s Best Actress in a TV Series award for her poignant portrayal of the longest reigning monarch in the world, Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

    In time for the second season premiere of The Crown on December 8, we also got to chat Foy’s co-stars Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip, and up-and-coming TV star Vanessa Kirby, who plays the rebel royal Princess Margaret.

    Definitely the classiest show via streaming today, audiences are hooked on how the cast get intense emotions across sans any shouting but with gripping expressions and one-liners delivered oh so coolly. Very royal indeed.

    The series’ promotional events were also very timely what with celebrations for the 70th wedding anniversary of Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh on November 20. The bells of Westminster rang for three hours non-stop.

    ‘The Crown’s’ Claire Foy and Matt Smith

    Though a happy ever after has happened for the Queen and Prince Philip, the controversial second season of The Crown will show theirs is far from being a love story. Foy and Smith excellently execute their roles as the royal couple who struggled to keep their marriage intact through the late ‘50s and ‘60s. And yes, there was an issue of infidelity!

    According to The Crown creator Peter Morgan, best known for his biopics ["Frost/Nixon,” "The Queen,” "Rush”), he is not out to ruin the good image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s marriage. On the contrary, he says, "I am just writing a story about people who are human beings too… But if you look at it whatever they have been through, their love story is still a triumph.”

    Morgan promises the audience that the upcoming season streaming on Netflix showcase Foy, Smith and Kirby’s best performances to date.

    All commoners during In the Know’s interview, it was a treat to meet Foy and Smith who are such easygoing folks—laughing, exchanging jokes, having tea with us in mugs.

    Doing The Crown, the pair said there was one thing they realized. Foy puts it succinctly, "Oh God, I would never want to put myself in their shoes!”

    The new season further puts a spotlight on the backstory of Prince Philip and a rather dark moment in his childhood. If the first season was somewhat romantic, expect this one to be darker and more problematic for the royals.

    "The story line is true-to-fact but [parts were also]invented since we were given the freedom and artistic license to work within that technical framework and to be that person was fantastic. We were not meant to execute the story and put them on a pedestal.”

    In The Know gives ‘Her Majesty’ a taste of malunggay tea

    Series stand out Kirby pursues her original royal Rockstar character Princess Margaret who made headlines back then equivalent to what’s considered controversial today. She begins the season nursing a broken heart from a failed engagement and endless partying ‘60s fashion.

    “When we come into season two they [Queen Eliza[Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip]y been married for 10 years and Margaret has not been at all. So she suddenly goes into a passionate relationship with Tony [Anthony Arm[Anthony Armstrong- Jones]t going to end well.”

    We finally wrapped up the interview in true royal fashion by having tea—Filipino malunggay tea that which Netflix’s trio of royals truly enjoyed. In the Know gave them a stash to bring home, which they happily placed inside little native banig bags. How regular can they get, eh?

    Until next week, ta-ta!


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