Megastar denies HIV-positive rumor


    Megastar Sharon Cuneta immediately denied a fake news item circulating online that she has human immunodeficiency virus or HIV—a disease that attacks the body’s immune system.

    In a social media post on Thursday, the celebrity mom said she could not believe such stories will be made up against her.

    Sharon Cuneta

    “On my way home from The Voice Teens taping. Uunahan ko na kayo so you will be aware that there is an article circulating—suddenly without any warning—that I have HIV,’” she said in her Facebook account.

    She laughed it off and shared, “If I really have HIV, it only means that I am hungry because of continuous diet,
    but I am slowly becoming very sexy again|! hahaha! Joke! But it can also be not a joke!”

    Brushing it off, Cuneta ended, “That is super-fake news. God have mercy on the souls of those responsible for this horrible ‘joke’. I’m excited to see God’s punishment for you!..Those who are oppressed are blessed. Yahoo I will have more blessings because of the wickedness of other people. Thank you!”

    Fifty-one-year-old Cuneta has become talk of the town in the past few weeks following her cryptic Instagram posts. During her departure for the US, the Megastar said she needed to take a rest from “pain and fatigue”. As such, hearsays suggesting that she was experiencing marital woes with Senator Kiko Pangilinan arose. She eventually dismissed the issue.


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