Megastar dishes about past ‘loves’


After breaking the Internet with their Sharon-Gabby ‘reunion’ project—a commercial for fast food chain Mcdonald’s which has garnered 7.8 million views on Facebook since its Friday release—Sharon Cuneta caused a stir online anew by reminiscing her colorful love life.

It all started when Facebook user Krizette Laureta Chu, who admitted she “obsessively researched” the 52-year-old’s past loves after catching the Valentine’s commercial, uploaded her discoveries: That Richard Gomez’ “greatest love” before marrying Lucy Torres was Cuneta, according to Goma’s best bud Anjo Yllana; and that Cuneta almost married action star Robin Padilla who even had the words “Sharon, I will die for you” tattooed on his chest!

Chu’s post on Friday evening immediately went viral with non-stop posts and comments from her followers, until a certain April Mondragon joined the conversation to answer a few of Chu’s burning questions about Cuneta’s colorful love life.

On the set of the viral fastfood chain commercial

Surprises of surprises, the Facebook user turned out to be the Megastar herself as she posted, “Hi! This is Sharon using a different account.” [April Mondragon is apparently the actress’ personal account for close friends and family, named after her "Dear Heart” character].

She then fired away to list her former flames in chronological order: “Albert Martinez (phone pal and puppy love only), then my first real love Gabby. Then Rowell [a[and]ck to Gabby. After the marriage ended, someone non-showbiz, ‘J.’ Then Richard, Robin, Richard [a[again]non-showbiz ‘C,’ then Richard again. [F[Finally]iko [S[Senator Francis Pangilinan]

In a separate thread, Cuneta gave away that the non-showbiz C is member of the influential Cojuangco clan and that they were, in fact, engaged. [S[Sometime in 2012, the Megastar admitted she and Charlie Cojuanco parted ways, and that "it wasn’t a good breakup.”]p>

Of another fiancé for the actress who was single for many years before marrying now Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, she wrote: “Ro­bin had already asked my hand in marriage and my whole Gamboa clan (mom’s side) had already had a welcome to the family dinner for him. That was true, true love but [my][my] [was[was]hty then.

“Robin in between all the time frames and everyone else’s somewhere too. Let’s just say that great loves begin with R, not including [my][my]ubby kasi asawa yon. Iba yon. Naks. Thank you!”

Cuneta then confessed that Santiago was the only boyfriend whose heart she broke and who didn’t deserve it. She added she has been “atoning” for what she did to her now good friend who oftentimes directs her concerts and TV shows.

Finally, Chu asked Cuneta who among her past loves she would want to relive a day with if she could—Gomez, Padilla or Concepcion?

“I could answer that so quickly and so completely sweetie. But then I’d have to kill you. Then myself. Hahahaha! But I know exactly what I would do every second of that day if I could have it! Will take it to my grave. This I can tell you: it will be with one person only,” Cuneta typed away.

Now how can anyone be sure it was really the Megastar spilling the beans on her past loves on that thread? Later that night, after all posting her many confessions, Cuneta confirmed through her official Facebook fan page she is indeed April Mondragon.

“I got so aliw with your discussion and had a break so I joined you.”

* * *

#ShaGab keeps on trending

A week since the surprise reunion of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion via fastfood chain McDonald’s TVC, the hashtag “ShaGab” has maintained its strength on social media.

Sparks fly on camera for the ex-couple

The TVC was carefully crafted to take audiences down memory lane as they recall the happy memories of a showbiz tambalan that remains unmatched in the hearts of many. Set to one of Sharon’s hit songs “Kumusta Ka,” viewers see the two chance upon each other at McDonald’s store [rep[reportedly in Bulacan]ying a quiet meal of Chicken McDo and fries. Their first after a very long time.

As one netizen shared, “McDo lang pala ang sagot sa reunion ng Sharon-Gabby!”

Indeed a coup of a TVC, hats off to the team behind the dream-come-true of the ‘80s generation and beyond.


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