Mel Chionglo tackles religion and priesthood in new movie



Director Mel Chionglo’s latest movie titled Iadya Mo Kami (Deliver Us) is competing at the Filipino New Section of World Premieres Film, which opened on June 29.  Ongoing at selected SM Cinemas, the festival will run until July 10.

Iadya Mo Kami is also entered in the main competition of the 13th Salento International Film Festival in Italy this September. Playing the lead is Allen Dizon in a role of a priest who sires a child with Diana Zubiri.

According to Direk Mel, Iadya Mo Kami is about a man’s search for his true calling, seeking redemption through his search for true equality. He added that the film is not anti-clergy.

“The movie tackles the many problems of being a priest because being one is not easy. A servant of God faces many challenges. If a priest strays away from his devotion and responsibility, the film does not condemn him. But the film tries to show that because of life’s many challenges even a priest needs to examine himself and his choices. And maybe God will bring him back to the one true road he had taken,” Direk Mel explains, adding that this the first time he has done a film on religion and the problems of priesthood.

Director Mel Chionglo prepares Allen Dizon for a scene in ‘Iadya Mo Kami’

Director Mel Chionglo prepares Allen Dizon for a scene in ‘Iadya Mo Kami’

Direk Mel has nothing but good words for Allen whom he worked with in Midnight Dancer and Luriana for which he acting awards.

“I told Allen that Fr. Greg is silent, not too expressive with his emotions even if he is undergoing hardships. His turmoil should be inside. His emotions are always in check. I am happy because Allen is a very receptive actor. He is open to the director and writer’s intentions. At least, his performance here is different from his other roles.”

Also in the cast of Iadya Mo Kami are Eddie Garcia, Ricky Davao and Aiko Melendez, Diana Zubiri, Elora Espano and Ana Feleo.

He has lost count of the number of films he had made as a director since 1980, but today, after 40 years in the movies and television, Direk Mel is grateful for the chance to work with Baby Go of BG Films International.

“Both Lauriana and Iadya Mo Kami are personal films whose subject matters I have long nurtured. So I consider working with Baby Go as truly a blessing. We have plans at least for three more projects.”


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