Men more attentive to personal care – study

Asian men admitted to being conscious about their appearance regardless of their age and income level

Asian men admitted to being conscious about their appearance regardless of their age and income level

And it’s not just because they want to please women
Kantar Worldpanel, a global provider of consumer knowledge and insights based on continuous consumer panels, reveals that grooming brands for men are growing at a faster pace than the female beauty sector across eight Asian markets, namely China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. And it is not because men just want to please women.

The “Men Revolution 2013 Study,” which aims to provide brands with a rich, deep and robust understanding of male grooming trends, shows that 84-percent of 5,300 men surveyed from across Asia are using grooming products simply because it makes them feel better about themselves.

Only 64 percent of the respon–dents admit to using grooming products because of what women will think. A close 62 percent also disagree with the notion that grooming is only “a women’s thing.”

As revealed by Luz Barra, Kantar Worldpanel commercial director, “Based on our study, for men grooming brands posted a nine-percent growth, leaving behind the female beauty sector with only six-percent in growth in Asia.

Findings also state that, 72 percent of total respondents agree that grooming is important in their job and 67 percent believe that it is an indication of their social status. Meanwhile, 85 percent of Metro Manila residents who took part in the research strongly agree that grooming is important in their jobs.

Importance of grooming
According to the study, eight out of 10 Asian men admitted to being conscious about their appearance regardless of their age and income level. In fact, more than half of the Asian respondents say they use five specific five grooming items.

Across Asia, men find shampoo, bar soap, blades/razors, skincare products and shower gel as grooming essentials. While Filipinos agree with the first three items, colognes and deodorants also make it to their top five products in their grooming routine.

Of the eight countries included in the survey, the Philippines registered the highest penetration of bar soap, deodorant and fragrance/colognes.

Further, almost all (93 percent) Asian men complain about at least one thing regarding their appearance. For Filipino men, in particular, 38 percent complain about bad breath and 46 percent suffer from acne.

“What we found in the study is that anti-acne products are not yet part of Filipino men’s grooming essentials. This is a big opportunity for brands to take advantage of in the local market,” explains Barra.

Purchase habits
Kantar also looked at the purchasing habits of Asian men. The study notes that over 50 percent of Asian men consider imported brands for grooming products as high quality. About 77 percent share that they are attentive to practical messaging in stores. However, 60 percent of them are in a rush when they visit the stores. More so, five out of 10 Asian men expect results and are willing to wait and see if the products work.

“The results of the ‘Men Revolution’ study aim to provide brands with relevant information to be able to explore, penetrate and grow their market. In this case, personal care brands are given the opportunity to craft and reinvent their strategies to tap not only women but also men, who have become more particular with the products they use and are now, more than ever, aware and conscious of their grooming habits,” ends Barra.


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    On the grooming habits, well I love that!!, because I always want not for my man only, but for the rest of all guys to smell pretty, look pretty, act pretty, to help boost their morale that they might think pretty!

    I have to admit that I I may always sound an “old shrew” when it comes to behavior! Manners to me count a lot!!