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    Even for the press, catch-ups with showbiz’ most handsome male celebrities are always a treat. And this past week, updates from no less than ultimate leading man Piolo Pascual and prime time heartthrob Enrique Gil on their latest milestones and projects make them showbiz’ men of the moment—and your reading treat on this hopefully stress-free Saturday.

    Piolo Pascual embraces 40
    Two weeks since turning the big four-oh on January 8, beloved actor Piolo Pascual has completely embraced the milestone age.

    Rather than ruminate how time has gone by too fast as many suddenly-40-year-olds do, Pascual chooses to celebrate the unique life he has led, while looking forward to a new decade in his showbiz career.

    A reluctant icon, the actor is “utterly grateful” for being one of the most celebrated matinee idols in the business who has dominated various platforms in entertainment over the last 20 years.

    With blockbuster movies and top rating TV shows to his credit, not to mention a respected foray into recording and concert performing, Pascual has cemented his name as credible actor and singer that has propelled his celebrity status to such great heights.

    For all this, Pascual has declared that leaving showbiz hardly enters his mind anymore. Rather, he is inspired to make sure his next decade in the spotlight will be worthy of the immense success his mentors, producers, fellow-actors and fans helped him achieve.

    “I will try to think out of the box on what to offer my audience from here on,” he promised. “I thought I already reached my glass ceiling as an artist, but now that I’m 40, when they say ‘life begins,’ I want to live that out.”

    Moreover, the actor hopes to go deeper into the business and focus on other aspects such as movie production.

    “I want to do films that have social significance, and meaningful roles too, with the emergence of the indie films. Ultimately, I want people to realize that a film is a film no matter how it’s done, whether indie or mainstream.”

    Pascual further reveals new goals in taking his talent beyond the country.

    “Hopefully I want to do something regionally, like an international film,” explained the ABS-CBN stalwart.

    Musically, Pascual will soon release his latest studio album titled Piolo Pascual Greatest Themes, with his next project to be a collaboration with ace front man Ely Buendia.

    Those missing him on the big screen, meanwhile, do not have long to wait as his fresh pairing with Yen Santos in My Northern Light will open in cinemas on March 29.

    At the risk of giving a cliché, Pascual promised his new film is something different: “I was able to do away with the typical love story of boy-meets-girl, and there’s no conflict like adultery. In this movie, we delved into the heart of the family, the heart of a man, the core of a person. It’s more of this stuff that I’d like to do from hereon.”

    Enrique Gil’s best advice
    Prime time heartthrob Enrique Gil is far from a typical self-absorbed celebrity who is only concerned about his looks and celebrity stature.

    When The Manila Times attended his launch as brand ambassador for Grips Hair Wax, it was refreshing to see the matinee idol greeting fans that gathered in a corner by name, as he even took the time to joke around as if he were an ordinary guy.

    During the program proper, when the host used every superlative to describe Gil’s good looks—and of course, his trend-setting hairstyles—Gil humbly talked about his same reality of bad hair days and how he has to take time like everyone else for grooming.

    “The truth is, my hair is very fine and very limp so without using hair products, I don’t look like this,” he laughed and poked fun at himself.

    He went on to credit his directors on prime time for being the catalysts in his hair-trending transformation , explaining, “When you’re an actor in a prime time series and people see you on TV every day, you have to make sure you change your look for your next project so you’ll make a mark on your audience all over again. I learned that from my directors.”

    Specifically, in the hit series Forevermore, top director Cathy Garcia insisted that Gil sport a unique hairstyle for the character of Xander, which they found in the man-bun, originally popularized by Jake Gyllenhaal.

    “The next thing I knew, everyone had man-buns! Even my next-door neighbor who didn’t have too much hair!”

    Flattered to be credited with the trend Gil added, “The same thing happened when I had a haircut that was long on the top and shaved on the sides for Dolce Amore, which TV Patrol immedialy dubbed the ‘Dolce Cut,’ the day after we premiered. That also started a trend and personally, it’s my favorite haircut among the styles we played around with for my teleseryes.”

    Happy to inspire his generation of males in terms of grooming, besides his various roles on ABS-CBN and the movies where good values are extolled, Gil made sure to impart an important advice for the youth, which he believes will help them get closer to their goals.

    “In everything you do, always look presentable. It will give you confidence and earn you respect too. It’s important to be presentable no matter how old you are.”


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