Meralco on alert for possible typhoon damage


THE Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) has placed its personnel on alert in case Typhoon Luis topples electric posts and causes power outages.

Joe Zaldarriaga, head of Meralco’s public information office, on Sunday said their personnel are on alert for 24 hours so they could immediately respond to the power outages.

“Our crew are on standby to attend to any trouble that may affect our facilities in areas that might be hit by the typhoon,” Zaldarriaga added in a statement.

Meralco also gave safety tips on using electrical devices and appliances in case there will be flooding.

It said homeowners should ensure that the main electrical power switch or circuit breaker is off. They should also unplug appliances from wall sockets and turn off permanently connected equipment and unscrew all light bulbs if possible.

Mud and dirt should also be removed from service equipment or main circuit breaker/fuse and its enclosure using rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes.

Electrical wires, connectors and other wiring devices should be completely dry.

When all electrical wires and accessories have dried and are clean, the wiring system of all appliances must be checked by a licensed electrician. Flood-damaged electrical appliances should not be turned on.

Zaldarriaga said the public should keep all channels of communication open and ready, urging them to charge their mobile phones, laptops, radios and other communication gadgets.


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