Meralco help to typhoon victims needed


May I suggest to Meralco that they take the initiative to send their expert craftsmen and equipment to restore expeditiously the electric power at the 3 provinces most affected by the devastation of super typhoon Yolanda.

Up to now I have not heard or read anything that Meralco is contributing or has contributed to alleviate the sufferings of the survivors of this great tragedy. I trust and pray that Meralco as a leading company in our country will do its share as others have voluntarily given.

The best contribution that Meralco can do at this point, is to help restore the electric power of the 3 provinces. This will enhance their corporate image.


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‘Yolanda’ brought out the best in Filipinos

Dear Sir,
Typhoon Yolanda’s rage brought out the best in us Filipinos. After her wrath, Yolanda stirred the sleeping concern for our fellowmen, the victims, that we are all capable of loving our neighbor, to the point that we can do little and big sacrifices for them.

We admire our brother Muslims, the Maranao Muslims in Marawi City, one of the country’s poorest regions, for giving cash, goods and other items for typhoon Yolanda victims. Their collection of P100,000 coming from very poor people is really very touching, heartwarming. In times of dire need, even those who need help themselves share what little they have to help others.

These poor people know and understand that in helping another, time will come when this good deed, will come back to them in many forms. It is also good that the ARMM will also send goods to Leyte and other typhoon-blasted provinces.

This show of love, care and concern for everyone for the typhoon victims is not rare for us Filipinos. Even if we have differences, it doesn’t go in the way of helping others.

Hedelita G. Maranan
Cagayan de Oro City


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