Meralco targets up to 500 MW for ILP


Leading power distributor Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) said it is continuously working to enlist 400 to 500 megawatts (MW) for the Interruptible Load Program (ILP) as part of efforts to address the looming power shortage in summer next year.

Meralco President Oscar Reyes on Thursday said the company has already signed up over 300 MW for the ILP.

“We’ve signed up over 300 MW. Hopefully more. There’s a lot more outside the franchise area,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the Asia CEO awards.

Reyes said Meralco could enlist other interested companies to join the ILP “all the way up to March.”

He expressed confidence that they can reach the target capacities if all invited companies commit to participate in the ILP.

“I think if we are able to encourage all the companies with gensets (generator sets), then yes [we can hit our target],” he said.

Meralco has also been cooperating with the government in identifying establishments with generator sets that may be tapped for the ILP.

Moreover, the power firm, in a survey, identified several government establishments with a cumulative generator set capacity of around 79 MW.

“The whole private sector is working with the government. We’re very well coordinated to try to get that,” said Reyes.

The power firm submitted the results of its survey to the Technical Working Group of the Joint Congressional Power Commission.

The company is also coordinating with Retail Electricity Suppliers in order to invite their contestable customers into the ILP.

At present, the Department of Energy (DOE) is counting only 155 MW of enlisted power from ILP participants who signed up with Meralco.

The DOE noted that, based on experience, only half of the ILP capacity will be able to deliver power. This means that 1,400 MW would need to be enlisted under the ILP to offset the projected 700-MW shortage next year.

The department has set the deadline for ILP participants to firm up their commitments and sign up with Meralco on December 1.

Under the ILP, companies are enlisted to use their generator sets to help take load off the grid in light of a projected power shortage.


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  1. At what cost, may I ask? If there is available capacity, what is it so special that it is not available all the time? There is something really wrong here, and hope it is not dump to the poor people to carry.

    The government should legislate and put in a policy to make sure that those ILP or whatever they are made available anytime they are needed so as to waste precious time and those politicians, etc. are not looking for ways to load their pockets every time the country is in deep mud or pit! As they say – “if you are in a deep stinking hole, stop digging!”