Meralco wants to build power plants in Luzon


I think The Manila Times’ research team may have overlooked one important detail in Meralco’s power investments in the country. Meralco, in collaboration with other power industry players, is putting up at least two power plants in Luzon, the one in Mauban, Quezon and the other one being Meralco PowerGen’s RP Energy in Subic, Zambales, which was slapped by a Writ of Kalikasan in 2012. Which makes me wonder: where are those self-proclaimed environmentalists who stopped the construction of RPE now that the country is having a power crisis?

Aldrich B. Limlengco


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  1. Just an observation, I am an Australian married to a Fillapino and we live in Australia, power prices are increasing all over the world. The bewildering prospect in Australia is that electricity from renewable sources is becoming very popular here but the power costs are increasing. The reason given ‘ it costs to much to produce less coal fired energy’ how crazy is this excuse for fat grubby profiteers reaching into our pockets for more money. I love your country and the people and look forward to the time when you cease to be exploited

  2. a company whose business is in power distribution should not be engage in power generation – that is monopoly of energy business. nobody can stop meralco then in manipulating demand and supply in order to rake more profits at the expense of consumers.

    • How much kw are they proposing to build & how much Meralco total kw needs to supply us. Remember this power plants need time to build, it is not an ordinary cheap item you can buy today & use it automatically. What if there is no other investor who want to build power plants? Where will Meralco get power to supply us? Then we cry again againts high power rate.

  3. Adequacy of reliable electric power supply is always a problem as far back as I can remember. The issue here on why we can never have a stable and reliable power supply to support economic development is having a president or Administration with no bones to stand behind and do what is proper for the country!

    Is there anyone in the foreseeable future that can take the helm to lead the country and take the unbeaten path of honesty, integrity and necessary leadership? Sad to say there is NONE! So expect more of the same damn vicious circle of corrupt padrinos, classmates, weaklings with no moral compass to run the country to dirt!

  4. You mean the leftists who now want to want to cancel Meralco’s franchise? See, that’s all they’re good for: Calling for Abolition, Dismantling or Cancellation of just about anything, especially if it means progress, but they never provide an alternative to fill the void left by what they wanted abolished.