Mercado in US on ‘fabrication mission’

BINAYS FOR PACMAN  Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay raise the hands of Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao. The boxing champ was given a hero’s welcome at the country’s financial district following his impressive victory over Chris Algieri on Sunday. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay raise the hands of Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao. The boxing champ was given a hero’s welcome at the country’s financial district following his impressive victory over Chris Algieri on Sunday. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

Vice President Jejomar Binay is bracing for more attacks that he believes will continue well into the campaign period for the 2016 presidential elections.

On Thursday, the Vice President said his camp received information that the real purpose of former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado’s trip to the United States is to fabricate documents to be used in the conspiracy to defame him.

“Ayon sa bali-balita namin e gagawa ng kung anong dokumento. Itong darating na mga araw hanggang sa panahon ng pagkakampanya, e magbibintang dito, bintang roon, kahit na alam naman po nilang kasinungalingan,” Binay said in a radio interview.

The vice president said his detractors will intensify their campaign to damage his image as the elections near.

“Pagdating ng oras, sasabihin, ‘Hala! Ito po ang imahe ni Vice President. Kaso rito, kaso r’yan. Pero ‘yun ay mga bintang na walang batayan at kasinungalingan. So ‘yun ang part of conspiracy. Kita mo, of late, kung ano-anong unit dito, unit doon. eh ‘yan, napapakita naman na walang katotohanan,” he added.

Binay said Justice Secretary Leila de Lima should be asked about the real destination of Mercado since she was the one who approved the trip.

De Lima has been mum on the call of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) interim president Rep. Tobias Tiangco of Navotas to confirm Mercado’s reported US trip because his “secret” departure has raised so much speculations.

Tiangco earlier said the reluctance of government agencies like the Bureau of Immigration to confirm Mercado’s departure substantiates doubts that his trip to the US may be part of the conspiracy to ruin Binay’s chances in the upcoming election.

Binay admitted that he was affected by the allegations hurled against him but he had already moved on because the people he met in his provincial sorties have told him they do not believe his accusers.


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  1. I woukd like Tiangco, Remulla and Bautusta reveal more ill-gotten wealth of Mercado to support MORE the ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH of BINAY.

  2. Binay said that Mercado is in the USA to fabricate more documents against him. Or, is Mercado in the USA to gather more credible documents about foreign bank accounts and properties of Binay, besides visiting the ailing wife?

    Binay, DENIALS are not a defense against the accusations against you. Notarized dicuments are needed to substantiate your denial, defense.

  3. For my simple assessment of the charges being hurled to the high officials of the country, I would like to remind every Filipino to be conscious and wary of the saying which runs, ‘If there is smoke, there is fire’. Yes, very simple enough to be understood and assimilate this metaphoric phrase. Obvious from their life style. Wake up my countrymen and make use of your very valuable COMMON SENSE.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Prove beyond reasonable doubt that what you are telling the people are true by filing a case in a court of law fraught with strong irrefutable certain evidence. Otherwise, all your accusations would be deemed politically motivated based on gossips, lies, made-up stories, taking the people for “marines”; wherefore you frustrate the people’s expectations for the recovery of ill-gotten wealth to benefit Inang Bayan. If you keep on telling lies, the people end up taking you for a congenital liar who is not worthy of attention & belief; while you, yourself will eventually end up believing your own lies like “marines”…

    • Rockney G. Nuyda on

      the saying “where there is smoke there is fire” only applies to those being accused by people who have no grudges. Mercado is a known political enemy of Binay, and it follows that everything he says is biased against VP. Have you seen his face, its the face of dishonesty, a crook’s face, one who will fabricate info for money or for self-preservation. When Binay becomes president, that idiot will have to run to the moon for safety imo.

  4. I say dont worry about it, if mercado is fabricating evidence in the us about you it will be so easy to prove or disprove. If he comes back with documents showing binay has assetts there it is just so easy to get in touch with the right authority in the us & either confirm or disprove. Then if he has fabricated evidence it will be very difficult for him to be taken seriously in anything he says. But if its confirmed that any documents he produces are genuine then binay you will have secure evidence against you & showing your guilt. I find it strange that you say he is going there to fabricate evidence against you, it sounds to me like you think he might find evidence against you & are already trying to get people to discount that evidence as in your words its fabricated. We will soon see & remember its easy to confirm or disprove the evidence. Its much harder to get people in the us to go along with a lie to cheat, its much easier here in the philippines.

  5. This tsismis by the Binay camp is really it, a tsismis. Unlike the Philippine government and private institutions where they can easily fabricate documents for sinister purposes, the U.S. government and private institutions especially banks are very strict when producing documents also because of their very strict laws. Binay is apparently trying to soften the impact of somebody will find some sort of hidden wealth he has abroad. Funny but Binay is all he while saying that the accusations against him and family are untrue and his conscience is clear, but in spite of all the denials, he is still thinking about this assumption. Tsismoso!

  6. Mr. Binay, I think you are doing right in defending your self from those politically motivated. You will know who the real mastermind when he/she declares as a presidential candidate. Mercado if the straw man.

  7. P. on

    Mr. VP, why don’t you sue Mr. Mercado if he is lying, fabricating and making false accusations against you? Your recourse is a simple as that; unless, you don’t have any proofs to belie his accusations which are potentially destructive of your and members of your family’s political ambitions? Walk the talk and vice versa!

    • All the veep has to do is face his accusers and present contrary evidence to support what he has been saying. If appears that all those accusing him are liars not even one of what they are saying is true. On the other hand the veep seems to be perfect that he has not done anything of what has been said about him. This is unbelievable!