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    benz201608On a class of its own

    Much like the A Class only bigger (and arguably better) in engine capacity, cargo and cabin space, the Mercedes-Benz B Class offers the same style and class promised by any vehicle of the German brand to a wider market. The B Class exhibits the Mercedes brand of sleek lines on an agile and efficient engine without sacrificing all-important riding comfort and space for its users.

    Comfortable and Luxurious Performance
    The B-Class has been out roaming the streets since its first release in 2005. Since then, the initially “box frame” of Mercedes’ small MPV (as categorized by the Euro New Car Assessment Program or Euro NCAP) has been given a reduced overall height complemented by the more upright seat position (hints of the dynamic credentials of this sports tourer) giving larger passengers more than enough leg space for a comfortable ride. Plus, the clever front design and placement of the front seats facilitate a more commanding view of the road that is needed to control the formidable beast that powers the vehicle – a responsive turbocharged horse that gives hefty and confident engine response. It holds a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission; combining smooth automatic with sporty manual shifting capabilities. The sportier-than-expected B-Class offers DYNAMIC SELECT that gives hassle-free transition between four driving modes: ECO, Sport, Comfort and Individual.

    The B-Class can easily be characterized by its outstanding aerodynamics. The impressive drag coefficient (cd 0.26) and its strategic exterior design put it at its market segment’s forefront despite its station wagon rear end. Additional aerodynamic optimization measures ensure excellent airflow around front wheels, engine-cooling airflow and the underbody down-lift design.

    Inside, the cabin is richly refined and tailored to suit an active lifestyle. Its spaciousness paves the way not only for greater headroom but also for roomy rear seats that accommodate up to three passengers and a good amount of packages at the same time.

    Preemptive Safety
    The B Class promises worry-free drives and trips with smart safety and security features that actively prepares for possible collisions or accidents. With the help of radar-based technology powering its Adaptive Brake Assist, collisions with other vehicles can be greatly avoided by not only alerting the driver of an oncoming collision course but also by automatically facilitating autonomous braking.

    Moreover, Predictive Brake Priming carries out quicker response of the brakes especially when the driver quickly releases the accelerator, automatic Brake Drying sweeps away water buildup when it is raining, Hill-Start Assist prevents unlikely rollback when taking off on a grade, and a brake hold feature lessens stressfulness of driving when there are traffic congestions on the road.

    To make sure that drivers would be able to see what possible causes of accident they may encounter, LED headlamps are installed to deliver brighter and whiter light for greater night-time visibility. LED lamps are also used for turn signals, Daytime Running Lamps, and fast acting LED brake and turn lamps set beside fiber-optic LED tail lamps.

    Mercedes-Benz takes a quantum leap in the compact luxury category through its sleek, yet stylish B-Class. Overall, the strategically small car is substantially agile and efficient, without sacrificing comfort, spaciousness, and ideal performance

    Visit any of the Mercedes-Benz showrooms now to take a closer look and test drive this compact luxury sport tourer.


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