• Merck to educate commuters to take care of their nerves


    Commuting can actually be an unnerving experience that can literally affect a person’s nerve system, according to Pharmaceutical company Merck Inc. that started on Monday its Nerve Therapy Trip project in line with Neuropathy Awareness Month.

    The trips will be conducted in selected buses on Alabang-Navotas route and vice versa for 25 days beginning August 7. To experience the Nerve Therapy Trip for yourself, look for the Neurobion buses on the Alabang-Navotas route and vice versa for 25 days beginning August 7.

    Merck is the manufacturer of clinically-proven nerve nourishment vitamin Neurobion.

    “The people who wake up extra early to commute, and then selflessly pour out all their time and energy just to provide

    for their families — these people are the true heroes. To be able to work like this every day without complaint and hesitation is very admirable, more so, deserving of some kind of recognition,” said Ming Arroyo-Cunanan, Merck head of Marketing.

    “We are very serious at Merck to educate people. It is worrisome for us that people don’t think about their nerves,” she added.

    The Nerve Therapy Trip will include teaching body exercises that can be done during commuting hours.

    “Neurobion wanted to do something that not only would spread awareness on nerve damage, but would also serve as a treat to those who are susceptible to it, and these are the working class Filipinos,” Neurobion Brand Manager Loy Juan Dy-Buncio said.

    Neuropathy, a disorder affecting nerves, is experienced by many people in the Philippines without many of them knowing they are already affected by it.

    Symptoms include muscle weakness, and “pins and needles” sensations that can be caused by other conditions as well. The symptoms are often attributed to more mundane causes, such as fatigue or wrong sleeping position. While these symptoms can indeed be linked to such causes, it is undeniable that Neuropathy is a possible cause.

    Such symptoms are often thought of as so inconsequential that sufferers do not seek medical advice. Frequently, sufferers report minor discomfort or irritation at their symptoms and tend to ignore their persistence.

    Other possible symptoms of Neuropathy include increased sensitivity to touch, sharp pains, extreme sensitivity to pain, a burning feeling, reduced sensitivity to pain, loss of sensation, and reduced sense of touch.

    There are also a number of conditions in which nerve damage appears or can be a secondary complication. Causes and risk factors are multiple and include causes and conditions such as genetics (a family member suffers from Neuropathy), chronic diseases (like diabetes), environmental toxins (such as smoking), alcoholism, nutritional deficiencies (including B

    Vitamin deficiency), and even side effects of certain medications. This condition can be idiopathic or have no known cause.

    Before symptoms get worse and lead to permanent nerve damage, it is of vital importance to consult a doctor immediately. Taking daily maintenance for nerve nourishment, like Neurobion, may also prevent nerve damage or Neuropathy.


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