Mercury’s Moon Walk


oh no you don’t!

a dear hijada wagged
a finger
at the night sky
to tell it:

mercury retrograde,
you’re not gonna get
me this time

curious, i re-examined
my life
how it had been
during the course
of these periods
in the year’s
when everything
seemed to be

because a tiny planet
is moving backwards
from the sun

those were
the times my
cell phone messages
going out
coming in
were as
garbled as
piled up
rubble from
the other week’s

a flash drive
went kaput

the wristwatch’s
hands stopped
at three
(supposedly the hour
of great mercy)

oh mercy!
even the lappy
the sound similar
to a nearly doomed
single-propeller plane
flying through
pockets of turbulence

there i was
clutching my tummy
the inner eye dreaming
of the sea’s
turquoise’s calm

but there i was
retching on
my shoes

i’m not gonna
flee from one
small planet’s
illusion of
moving backwards

i’ve centered myself
already not unlike
my young
but wise hijada

mercury retrograde,
you’re not getting
me either

why not get
your moonwalk act
outta the way

go orbit normally

get our messages across

like the swift
messenger of god
that you’re
supposed to be



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