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    1. Commutation of the death sentence to life or much lesser penalty, will rely on or hinges upon the resolution of the case filed against the recruiter of Mary Jane, Pacquiao’s visit to Indonesia will not change the fact that Indonesia will follow its’ rule of law or they will face the ridicule of the countries whose citizens were executed before, and had their pleas for clemency denied.

      And, the delay of reaching a definte resolution will put the life of Mary Jane in jeopardy. His status as a popular boxer will not change the decision nor influence the Indonesian’s court nor of their president.

    2. Lets hope Manny Pacquiao can convince the head of state of Indonesia to offer a reprieve to the Filipino convict so she can spend the rest of her life happily.

    3. Felimon A. Soria on

      Whether she is innocent or not, I hope Mr. Pacquiao can save her from execution.