• Message to the CPP / NPA


    Dear Sir,
    The refusal of the CPP/NPA to continue to resume peace talks with the government may only be a bluff. We remember that in the past, they have exposed willingness to do so, but insisted on the release of detained CPP members with criminal cases, but were peace consultants. But the government did not relent because it is illegal, and granting such as demand may follow more demands.

    We go with the government’s decision not to abandon the talks, and to keep on working to open new doors for peace. It is a fact most of its members are already getting old, tired and wanting to reunite with their families. Who knows some top leaders maybe already suffering from various chronic illnesses, which get worse while in the underground.

    The first month of the year is a good time to exhaust all means, lay out plans, measures, possibilities so that the violence and terror of the past years will come to an end. There is a limit to the enemies of peace but it is possible that the hand of friendship can someday touch a cold and uncaring heart.

    Roberto Untalan Jr.
    Mabalacat, Pampanga


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