Metro Manila mayors next


RECKONING Philippine National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa talks to local government officials and police officers who trooped to Camp Crame Monday after they were named by President Rodrigo Duterte as among those who were involved in the illegal drug trade. PHOTOS BY RUY MARTINEZ

METRO Manila mayors are next in line in the shame campaign being waged by the Duterte administration to weed out protectors of illegal drug traders.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael “Mike” Sueno made the announcement as 35 policemen and 27 politicians on President Rodrigo Duterte’s list of “narco-officials” turned up at the Philippine National Police (PNP) headquarters in Camp Crame to issue denials.

Sueno told radio station DZMM on Monday the government was in the process of building airtight cases against some Metro mayors when he was asked why Duterte’s list did not contain names of local government officials in the National Capital Region.

“When it comes to Metro Manila, we need to validate and re-validate information, we’re really gathering evidence against them,” he said in Filipino.

Sueno added that he was sure another list will be made public soon but did not give a timeframe.

Robert “Bobby” Eusebio, the mayor of Pasig City which made the headlines following the raid of a large drug den dubbed “shabu tiangge” in 2006, jumped the gun and denied any involvement in illegal drugs.

“That’s an urban legend. There’s no truth about that. I have been waging a relentless fight against illegal drugs in our city for the past years,” Eusebio told reporters.

Cebu No. 2 surrenders
Sueno promised a “swift yet fair” investigation to all local officials linked to the illegal drug trade.

The PNP chief, Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ de la Rosa, also said “due process” will be given to those on the President’s list, as he received 35 PNP personnel and 27 local officials in Camp Crame.

De la Rosa cursed at and threatened to kill the police officers if they return to their alleged illegal activities.

“The mere fact that their names were mentioned on the list, whether or not the allegations are true, makes me furious because this would destroy the police organization,” he told reporters.

The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group will handle the investigation of local officials, while the PNP Internal Affairs Service (IAS) and the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management will handle the probe of all police personnel, PNP spokesman Sr. Supt. Dionardo Carlos said.

Carlos said all incumbent local officials named by the President had been stripped of authority to exercise direct supervision and control over local police forces.

All active PNP personnel on the list were directed to turn over their firearms and were told not to leave IAS jurisdiction until the investigation into their drug links is finished.

De la Rosa also received Cebu’s second most wanted drug suspect, Franz Sabalones, who admitted to having assumed control of Cebu’s drug trade after the death of drug kingpin Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz during an encounter with police in June.

Asked why he surrendered to the PNP, Sabalones said: “I want to change.”

The alleged drug bigwig was accompanied by his brother, Vice Mayor Fralz Sabalones of San Fernando, Cebu.

Duterte on Sunday accused the vice mayor and more than 150 other individuals of being involved in the drug trade.

But the local official claimed he was a victim of mistaken identity, saying the President may have been referring to his older brother, Franz.

More denials
More mayors named by Duterte last Sunday came forward to deny links to illegal drug syndicates.

In Iloilo City, Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog called for a speedy probe, saying his life was in danger.

“I can categorically say that I am not involved in the protection, trade and use of illegal drugs. I am willing to open myself to any investigation, cooperate and submit myself to any court of law,” Mabilog said.

“It is only fair that since my name has been called out, that I be accorded with a speedy investigation,” he added.

Laoang, Northern Samar mayor Hector Ong and his wife, former mayor Madeleine Ong, decried being tagged as “narco-politicians.”

“I will clear my name because the President himself has assured us that we will be given due process. But clearly, I categorically deny that we are narco-politicians. We are public servants,” the mayor said.

The Ongs, who were said to have been cleared by police officials and even communist leaders in the province, plan to go to Camp Crame to issue a statement.

Former San Pablo City, Laguna mayor Vicente Amante also insisted that he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“I am placing my hopes on the personal validation that he (President Duterte) plans to do,” he said in a statement.


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  1. arnel amador on

    fiesta ang mga taga media ngayun. yun mga “pakimkim” para sirain ang mga ginagawa ni digong ngayun ay barya lang yan para sa mga druglords….tagal nang gawain yan!
    it would be interesting if the list would also includes the names of those from media…
    keep the momentum going, prez digong!

    • Balakubak ni pnoy on

      Just do what is right mr president. those critics are those lost the financial during the past admin. Don’t be selective in your list, include all names even already dead before….don’t spare boy droga’s name

  2. The vice-governor of Romblon who is in trucking business Binondo-Romblon via Batangas dapat ma imbetigahan. He is into drugs before becoming a public official, using his trucking business to trade shabu.

  3. Duterte’s list contained people that died 8 years ago. Is it too much to ask that the government verify their stupid lists before publicly naming people who died years ago ?

  4. Angelito Mateo on

    Calling all investigative journalists, now you have given obvious leads, why is it no one bothers to follow up????

  5. Michael Richardson on

    I do not see the word ‘DUPLICITY’ used very often in connection with Duterte’s list of so called ‘narco-officials’ The Philippines is quite possibly full of self righteous ‘Pillars of Society’ who made their fortune through extortion, gun running, drug dealing and people trafficking and then, after consolidating their wealth, went into legitimate business, sometimes even politics on a crusade against others who only want to acquire wealth and status the same way they did. It makes me cringe whenever I hear one of them say ‘I AM SHOCKED AND SADDENED by your accusation’.

    • Absolutely right! After they will denied it till death. Hopefully Pres. Duterte will see it to the end, even after his term.

  6. Paki sama ang Marikina City. Sa dami ng pusher at addict wala halos napapatay at nahuhuli sa Marikina. Mukang mahina ang mga police marikina

  7. Puro kayo “categorically deny” di naman lalabas pangalan nyo sa listahan ng wlang basehan. Silipin nyo na lang mga bahay at sasakyan ng mga police at mayor na yan. Panigurado di nila kaya patunayan kung san galing yung pera na pinambili nila.

  8. juana change on

    Why is it when big fishes are involve/suspect they are given a chance to surrender but small time pushers n users are summarily executed?

    • it is a logic…big fishes like mayors, congressmen have security and hard to penetrate unlike small fishes…but now… their police security have ordered to go back to their mother unit… then wait…what will happen next…..

    • there were a lot of pushers and user (THOUSANDS) who have surrendered under oplan “tokhang” so, they were advised to surrender and mend ways. The HUNDREDS who were killed did not surrender rather they fight. If those politicians will fight necessarily they will be get killed.

    • Because they are engage and part of drug syndicate’s “own cleansing and or battle”. They are told to surrender–the reason why there are 500,000 who did so.

  9. This is just my one cent opinion, if you are included in the list, hire a good lawyer. Under the constitution, you are still innocent until proven guilty. Because you are named by the President, it does not hold any water because there is still called a judicial process. Accusing someone in public by someone who is immune from being sued, is a blatant trial by publicity. To under go legal process, they must sue all of those mentioned as drug coddlers or else its just a lip service, remember, Filipinos had short memories.

  10. Prosecute them all DRUG LORDS, POLITICIANS & PROTECTORS of drugs trades to the limits of the law to remove their lucrative income and wealth. A pure menance to Mankind and Society.

    • you hit the target…this is what should be done to all politicians and government employees. have them all file a financial report annually.

      “Prosecute them all DRUG LORDS, POLITICIANS & PROTECTORS of drugs trades to the limits of the law to remove their lucrative income and wealth.” as Mr Palma stated.

  11. Denial is unconscious defensive reaction characterized by refusal to accept painful realities. As example, mayor Mabilog to Iloilo City feeling dread of consequences characterized his few well-chosen words, jet speed probe and submit to any court of influence. Mayors also sending forth their sweet deal sensations that they are “servants of the people”.

    Some more examples to denials. Peter’s denial to Jesus. Alcoholics deny having drinking problem.

    • I beg to differ with your words. Not all people accused are guilty. So if someone is truly innocent he will protest his innocence & im sure would open himself up to scrutiny. One way to check is to ask all if they have a dollar bank account. If so open it up for all to see, then if there is more than his income dictates he needs to explain it. Better still get rid of the bank secrecy law as its there for 1 reason only, to hide & protect ill gotten monies. But to reiterate the essence of my answer if you are truly innocent you will proclaim it. But it still has to be verified.

  12. Stephanie Davis on

    All that time, money and manpower could be better spent on raising the minimum wage of workers, setting up a labour relations board to help people find a job and make sure workers are treated properly by their employers and held accountable for mistreatment of them. He promised that he would help the people of the Philippines but so far all he is doing is taking on the role of wild west cowboy and killing and arresting those involved with drugs. Yes drugs are a problem but millions and millions of people need help right now to make a better life for themselves and their families.

    • You cannot see progress and solutions to your problem if the drug problem which happens to be the most important agenda of his campaign to succeed first. Jobs and workers treatment etc are being taken cared of the his DOLE secretary. You should be watching the news more often and not focus only in the killings everyday.

    • Daniel B. Laurente on

      Hintay ka…hindi yan tindahan na pag gutom ng bata kuha ka lang ng tinapay sa garapon at ibigay.