• More Metro Manila viewers switch to digital TV, cable and satellite


    Leading the way in the country’s departure from analog is ABS-CBN’s TV plus

    A steadily growing number of Filipinos are saying goodbye to analog television and are now watching television via digital terrestrial television (DTT), cable or direct-to-home satellite TV based on the latest Kantar Media establishment survey conducted in August.

    According to the study, 72 percent of homes in Metro Manila are already “digitally-enabled” with only 28 percent still using analog television. A big factor in this on-going digital shift has been the warm reception of consumers of ABS-CBN TVplus, ABS-CBN’s DTT service that has enabled millions of Filipinos to enjoy clear TV viewing, crisp sound and pay per view services for an affordable price.

    In Metro Manila alone, 55 percent of non-cabled homes or one in two homes have an ABS-CBN TVplus box, according to Kantar Media, which has conducted three establishment surveys in February, May and August. In Mega Manila, 44 percent or almost half of non-cabled homes are also enjoying the benefits of ABS-CBN TVplus boxes.

    The results show the continuous migration of viewers from analog to digital, where the quality of the picture and the sound are better, and where viewers are also given more choices in terms of channels and programs.

    As of mid-September, ABS-CBN has already sold 3.6 million ABS-CBN TVplus boxes nationwide since 2015. ABS-CBN DTT head Chinky Alcedo shared that they are on track to hit their target of selling cumulative four million ABS-CBN TVplus boxes this year. One of its exclusive channels, CineMo—an all-day movie channel—is already among the Top 5 channels in the country in terms of TV ratings.


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