• Mexico finds 17 bodies dumped in ravine


    ACAPULCO, Mexico: Mexican authorities have found at least 17 bodies rotting at the bottom of a 500-meter-deep ravine in the violent southern state of Guerrero, a federal official said Tuesday. “There were nine complete bodies and eight half-burned,” the official from the attorney general’s office said on condition of anonymity, adding that they were discovered between December 8 and 11 in the village of Chichihualco. The identities of the corpses, their ages and gender are unknown. Officials also do not know how long ago they died. Across the region, clandestine graves are often found with one or several bodies inside, but this was a particularly grisly find. A member of an organization of relatives of missing people in Guerrero, Isabel Rosales, said the corpses were sent to Mexico City to be identified.



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