MG ZS to hit local shores


“Emotional Dynamism,” this is the design philosophy of the all-new compact SUV of MG Cars, the MG ZS. The latest model from MG is already sold in the international market and in fact, has earned positive ratings and reviews from its superb excellence. The MG ZS is set to be unveiled in the Philippines very soon at MG Showroom in EDSA Greenhills.

Based on the said philosophy, the MG ZS embodies a more expressive design language that emphasizes the premium experience and commitment to the quality of the brand. With a look that brings together the three key elements of “Emotional,” “Humanisation,” and “Agile,” the MG ZS represents a desirable and dynamic approach to accessible motoring.

One of the key design features of the model is the enlarged full-frame grille inspired by the heritage of the brand. The use of 3D shapes, metallic and chrome finishes, carbon-esque textures and the avoidance of flat design all adds to the vehicle’s comfort, which is a key to driving an MG.

When it comes to technology and performance, MG ZS is considered outstanding. Fitted with a 1.5 DOHC VTI-tech and a pure consumption of 5.9 liter per 100 kilometers. Compared to the previous models of MG, the panoramic sunroof is now larger, giving the passengers more of the sky view. In addition, the MG ZS is equipped with all the tech touches: a keyless entry and a push start engine all for accessibility

Thanks to its affordability and style, this compact-SUV of MG is spacious and ideal for families, youngsters, businessmen and for youthful lifestyles like adventures, business, and sports.

The upcoming launch marks an exciting new era for the iconic brand, representing a major step- change and a scommitment to the car technology.


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