MH 17 crash may aggravate Ukraine crisis


HELSINKI: The crash of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17 is possible to deteriorate the crisis in Ukraine, said Kristi Raik, senior researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs in an interview with the Finnish national broadcaster YLE on Monday.

Raik told YLE that the shooting down of the plane in eastern Ukraine on July 17 would be a turning point for the situation in Ukraine, as the standpoints of both the Western countries and Russia are now harder than before.

She warned that Ukraine is more likely to fall into a constant war. The Ukrainian leaders are facing a very difficult situation when the clarification of the air disaster is in the process and the domestic political situation has intensified, explained Raik.

The researcher did not believe the tension tends to end, adding that “the continuation of crisis is expected”.

The turmoil in the Ukrainian Parliament put weight on the worsening situation in Ukraine after Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared resignation, claimed Raik, suggesting that holding of parliamentary election in this situation is both expected and necessary.

The Malaysian passenger plane MH17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile in Ukraine near the Russian border, causing 298 deaths on July 17. PNA


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