• MIAA imposes stricter rule on police proper uniforms at the airport


    Airport authorities has imposed a stricter regulation to members of the Airport Police Department and the PNP-Aviation Security Group directing them to obey the rules of proper uniform decorum or be denied entry at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminals.

    According to the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) memorandum circular dated December 27, 2013, it will strictly enforce to both armed personnel concerned and will prohibit “the wearing of barong and jacket over the prescribed uniform and the like, except those granted exemptions.”

    MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado, who issued the memo, also covers the “No ID Card, No Uniform, No entry,” a specific guiding policy pursuant to the standard set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

    The personnel, who were mainly involved in intelligence gathering, that have been granted exemptions will be issued a duly-approved “Exemption Authority” to avoid inconvenience and embarrassment for the ID card holder.

    Honrado had given the private security guards the task to assist the Airport Security Center (ASC) in the implementation of the memorandum circular.

    The ASC, which is under the direct supervision and control of the MIAA general manager, was given the hand to supervise, control, coordinate, integrate and direct intelligence and operational activities of all police and military units, security and safety services unit.

    Honrado, a retired Philippine Air Force general, is trying to dissuade some police personnel the practice of unauthorized escorting and facilitation of passengers at NAIA.

    Uniformed policemen will be easily spotted when engaged in escorting and facilitation of guests at the airport.

    Any airport police and PNP staff caught for an unauthorized escorting and facilitating passengers especially foreigners of outright confiscation and cancellation of their MIAA ID cards, and will be held administratively.

    It also added that the chief or heads of the APD and the PNP-Aviation Security Group “shall be held responsible for the conduct of their respective personnel in compliance to this circular.” BENJIE L. VERGARA




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