MIAA wants monthy reports from service providers


The operator of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has urged ground handling firms, airlines and service providers to submit monthly reports on baggage pilferages in a bid to weed out scalawags in the country’s premiere airport.

Ed Monreal, general manager of Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), has asked airlines, ground handlers and service providers to implement the measure immediately as MIAA is exercising its powers, functions and duties vested to them by Executive Order 778 or the MIAA Charter in consonance with Administrative Order 151.

“They should understand why we finally have to do this. We have always been consultative with them, they know that. But the recent incident is the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak,” Monreal, a former Cathay Pacific Airline station manager, said.

Monreal was referring to the incident involving the baggage of the visiting wife of the Turkish minister whose pink jewelry box was stolen before her luggage was transferred onto the aircraft.

The incident occurred when the minister’s wife was leaving for Turkey on August 4.

The monthly reports should also include intensified guarding of baggage on departure and arrival, and consistent implementation of frisking of all ramp personnel.

The airport chief also reminded the strict adherence to the “No/Pockets/No Jewelry/No Watch Policy” at the ramp.
Furthermore, ground handlers and service providers were urged to conduct background checks on workers they employ.

The MIAA has summoned all records relating to pre-employment checks and verification made by said companies.

“I expect everybody’s full cooperation. I strongly urge that you come up with policies and procedures to clean your ranks so we can achieve order in our airport,” Monreal told representatives from airlines, service providers and ground handling firms during its recent meeting.

He also directed MIAA’s administration office to also do tight guarding of MIAA employees and other “job order” personnel whose work require them to be at the ramp area.

Private security agencies employed by MIAA whose personnel are guarding ramp gates would also be monitored.

“The MIAA shall exercise its authority under existing laws, over those who will not cooperate. This could mean revocation of your privilege to operate in NAIA or termination of your accreditation with us,” Monreal said during their meeting.


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