• Michael Martinez: From figure skater to heartthrob



    The cool prince of the skating rink is now a certified hottie, and he cannot believe it. Yes, Michael Christian Martinez still finds it odd to know that his fans are growing by the day because of his good looks besides his sport.

    This was what the 20-year-old figure skater intimated to In The Know while he was in Manila during the Holy Week. Michael took a quick vacation here before training for the Winter Olympics qualifiers in September.

    His fan base apparently grew after Michael started taking snaps of his downtime and posting his daily grind on social media. He had no idea his newfound hobby would make waves.

    “Hindi ko siya sinadya. I never imagined people would actually follow me and ask personal questions about me. Before, I just had an average of a thousand likes per post but now it goes up to eight thousand and more,” Michael said.

    Due to insistent fan demand, the Filipino pride even has his own YouTube page now with the handle “MartinezFrost,” where he video blogs [or vlogs as others say]to a rapidly growing number of followers.

    “It started as a hobby because I wanted people to know about my sport, which is figure skating and the challenges that come with it—like ‘a day-in-the-life’ sort of thing. I also feature my dog Ichiban who I love so much,” the young athlete said.

    Michael Martinez INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    Michael acknowledged that his maturing physique must have added to the fan attraction. However, he clarified that contrary to reports that he edits his topless Instagram posts, his abs are real.

    “Training is very hard in figure skating! We also have off ice training six times a week! My core is crucial for me to execute my moves in the rink.”

    By the way, Michael is also open to acting when his schedule clears up. Wonder who will get first dibs on him?

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    Two years since her split with Lander Vera Perez, Regine Tolentino opened up to In The Know that she has finally moved on. “I used to cry a lot and I didn’t even want to get out of bed but my kids really helped me get up everyday.”

    At first, Regine tried to hide her marriage problems from her daughters but she later found out they knew what was going on all along. Eventually, her kids began to help her heal.

    “My kids are super open and they’re the ones who would tell me, ‘Hey go out and hang out with your friends Mama’.”

    Regine Tolentino

    Regine also encourages women going through a similar ordeal to do whatever makes them happy.

    “Whatever it takes to make you anti-losyang, or make you look recharged, refreshed and blooming—whether sa clothes or dancing or diet or fixing yourself up—do it! We deserve it and we need to feel like queens. We need to honor and take care of ourselves para mas lalo natin maalagaan the people we love.”

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    GUESS WHO? Since signing with a brand a year ago, chameleon client has been late for all her duties as an endorser. Her earliest arrival would be 30 minutes late and there would be instances she’d show up when the press conference is already over! Worse, she would say she is on the way, encouraging owners of the brand to wait for her, only to end up as a no-show. Her posts on social media are also months late.

    Chameleon actress is just on her way to the top and yet with the attitude she is showing, the brand owners told In The Know they are so frustrated with her they will never renew her multi-million contract.

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