The World Rally Championship’s (WRC) and Moto GP’s official tire maker, Michelin, has introduced to the Philippines its new on- and off-road tire called the Michelin LTX Force for the SUV, pick-up and light truck markets.

“On a global scale, the SUV tire segment is growing larger in strategic importance,” explained Michael Nunag, Michelin Philippines chief representative. “Over the past two years, it has outgrown the passenger car tire segment and will continue to do so in the next five years. So the launch of the Michelin LTX Force reinforces our commitment not only to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers with multiple exceptional performances, but also to respond to the ever-changing market conditions.”

With the Michelin LTX Force grand debut in Thailand last June after three years of development, the Philippines will finally get to experience the latest in dual-purpose tires from the brand.

For those who have not seen a WRC event in any multimedia format, the rigors of world-class rallies really test the cars and tires to the limits on rough and paved roads at tremendous speeds. The great technologies learned by Michelin in WRC have now been employed on the LTX Force for its off-road capabilities. The extended sidewall biting edge and deep, open shoulder design are just some of the visual cues of the LTX Force tires that provide extensive cut-chip resistance and traction.

For on-road technologies, Michelin has used its international award-winning Michelin Primacy line of tires for SUVs. This has the Compac Tread Technology that provides reinforcement between tread blocks for better braking and handling. The Bevel Tread Technology has rounded, sloping edges that cuts road noise for a quieter ride. The Cushion Guard Technology absorbs imperfections of the road for a softer travel.

“According to tests conducted by third parties, the Michelin LTX Force brakes up to two meters shorter and delivers 35 percent more mileage when compared to its competitors in the dual purpose tire category,” added Nunag. Tests were done by Germany’s TUV and DEKRA and can be viewed by the public to confirm these figures.

The LTX Force is designed for light off-road conditions and completes the line-up of Michelin tires for all types of driving conditions. The Michelin LTX Force tires will now be available from Michelin Authorized Dealers nationwide with a wide range of tire sizes to fit new and old SUVs, light trucks and pick-ups.

Mike Potenciano



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