Micro Trend strengthens social network privacy


A global leader in cloud security has developed Internet content security and threat management solutions that would make it safer for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information.

Trend Micro has rolled out its newest solutions called Trend Micro Titanium 2014, which utilizes state-of-the-art cloud-based technology to proactively stop threats before they reach users.

According to Andrew Tan, product marketing manager of Trend Micro Southeast Asia, the company “encourages the building of safer digital social cultures, and aims to enable everyone to protect their digital lives.”

“More than just ensuring safe surfing habits, solutions like Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security offer consumers all-in-one, all rounded protection against identity thefts, virus and other online threats automatically, so consumers can enjoy their online experiences safely, with a peace of mind,” he added.

In a recent survey commissioned by Trend Micro, it found out that almost 70 percent of the total 396 respondents are very active on social networking sites, accessing social networks at least once a day.

The survey indicated that these respondents post profile updates every day citing entertainment, current activities and shopping deals as their most shared information on Twitter and Google. It also revealed that almost 24 percent of these respondents actually traded personal information in exchange for discounts and coupons, and to have more friends on their profiles.

Meanwhile, 37 percent would also give personal information to be able to join lucky draws online.

Terrence Tang, senior director of consumer business, APAC Center Sales Marketing of Micro Trend, said that the survey only shows that “Filipinos are highly switched on.” However, Tang urged Filipinos not to be complacent online saying that “they should be mindful about strengthening social network privacy settings.”

“Personal information is valuable to cyber criminals, for their own gain, create false identities for criminal use or even leverage your network to target your friends and family,” he added.

He further warned that, “Everything we do online leaves behind a digital footprint that can lead cyber criminals back.” And to strengthen privacy settings online, Trend Micro’s Titanium 2014 is equipped with web-threat protection that identifies and blocks dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging.

It can even detect spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick users into revealing private personal information.

Ritchie A. Horario


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