Microfiction (Love Series)


The Friendzone

“He doesn’t love you.” He said.
“How do you know?” She asked.
“I just know.” He said turning pale, and added: “But you need him.”
“Why do you say so?” She asked playfully.
“Because he needs to break your heart more so you will know why I know.”

* * *

The Breakup

Art entered the crowded coffee shop. He found his place near a couple.
He nervously watched the passing scene.
“Here’s our coffee!” A man announced cheerfully as the waiter approached a table.
“I want this to be the end of the road for the two of us. No more whys, no more ifs, no more hows.” The girl who was with the man said. And there was silence amidst the chatter in the café.
Art took a deep breath, the detonator moist in his hand in his left pocket.

* * *

The Courtship

“Did you ever feel for me?” Her voice cracked from the other line.
The gun fires were getting closer, footsteps could now be heard from the other side of the river. “Allahu Akbar!” They cried.
“What I feel doesn’t matter.” He said as he clutched his M4. “They are coming for us. I don’t know them, they don’t know me. But they are coming for me. What we feel doesn’t matter most of the time.” He added.
“But I felt it. We ate together, you helped me. You even said poems for me.” She was crying now.
“Don’t make it difficult. Don’t make what I have to do difficult. But yes, we are official.” He said standing up. He waved his arms, his comrades crawling to safer ground.
He fell down. He was hit. He stood up again and waved. He went down again. The sniper found him, his brain was now all over the phone.

* * *

After What Has Been Revealed

“Will you forgive me?” He asked.
She just came from bath. Water was still dripping from her naked body. “Why don’t you just rub the towel on my back?” She said with a smile, her eyes like the moon on an empty sea.

* * *


“That’s not her. She’s not as petty as that, she’s deep.” He said.
Then he went on and on about his deep friendship with her, their soirées just before she left to go some place new.
“Well, maybe she changed.” She interrupted.
“I’m hungry, want some bite?” He left the bed and walked towards the door.
“And I say sorry to her. It’s my fault she changed.” He added as he took the stairs to rob the kitchen.


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