• Mid-Autumn festivities around the metro

    Mooncake is a staple in Mid-Autumn Festival like Edsa Shangri-La Manila’s white lotus version

    Mooncake is a staple in Mid-Autumn Festival like Edsa Shangri-La Manila’s white lotus version

    According to the official website of Hong Kong (discoverhongkong.com), the Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated by the Chinese as early Tang Dynasty from 618 to 907 AD. It symbolizes unity which is believed to be represented by round objects like the moon, thus it is also called the Mooncake Festival.

    In modern times, the Mid-Autumn festival has become one of the most important festivals in Hong Kong and all over China next to Chinese New Year. The same is the case with Tsinoy communities in the Philippines with many Filipinos also joining the celebrations.

    For this, The Manila Times lists out places where to mark the occasion on September 27.

    @Edsa Shangri-La
    Discover the legendary white lotus mooncake of Edsa Shangri-La, Manila this Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Have a taste of this handmade delicacy featuring the luxurious lotus paste filling with salted egg. Wrapped with a thin golden brown crust and imprinted with a Chinese characters for harmony and longevity.

    Presented in an elegantly designed premium gift box with gold touches are perfect gift to celebrate a culinary tradition with legendary roots, available until September 27. Choose from two mooncake packages—the traditional Square Box with four large pieces and the Rectangular Box with eight small pieces.

    For inquiries, call 633-8888 or e-mail summerpalace.esl@shangri-la.com.

    @New World Makati
    New World Makati Hotel celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with an assortment of handmade mooncakes prepared by Hong Kong Chef Wong Sing To. Guests can enjoy a selection of five flavors—Five Seed, Double Yolk White Lotus, Double Yolk Red Lotus, Double Yolk Red Bean, and Crispy Milk Cream.

    Elegantly packaged in stylish boxes, guests can share the mooncakes with loved ones, friends and colleagues.

    For inquiries, contact Jasmine restaurant at 8116888 local 3338.

    @Makati Shangri-La
    Makati Shangri-La, Manila celebrates the Mid-Autumn festival with a wide selection of mooncake flavors that guests may enjoy until September 27.

    Guests are invited to indulge in mooncake at Shang Palace with flavors of white lotus, red bean, mixed nuts, red dates and the new signature flavor, black sesame, all packaged in intricately well-crafted mooncake boxes, exquisitely designed to be given as gifts to family, friends or business associates.

    For inquiries, call 813-8888 or e-mail rric.slm@shangri-la.com.


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