• Mighty assails demolition job by competitors


    Mighty Corp. said it is willing to open all its warehouses and cooperate with the Bureau of Customs (BOC) in its raids as it maintained that it is not in the business of producing fake cigarettes.

    Mighty Corp. executive vice president and spokesperson Oscar Barrientos said the company’s own local brands are well-accepted by its customers.

    “The company, however, bewails the use by other government agencies of Mission Orders of BOC to pursue schemes of its competitors to seize its products using a false pretext that fake cigarettes are stored in its warehouses because of its being in the forefront of effort to alleviate the plight of local tobacco farmers through amendatory legislation,” Barrientos pointed out.

    He explained that it was plainly from the result of raids conducted on Wednesday by Customs agents in warehouses of Mighty in Pampanga and General Santos that no fake products of its competitors were found.

    “That should have aborted the activity. But other government regulators without appropriate Mission Orders or directives from its head offices had used the raid to assert offenses by Mighty not covered by the BOC orders,” he said.

    Mighty urged the BOC to be vigilant in its drive to stop the proliferation of fake products to ensure collection of duties and taxes. It said the company does not produce fake products and had done nothing to violate any regulations or the Tariff and Customs Code.

    “The company simply requests that these raids which have made front page news but which had not resulted in the confiscation of fake products of its competitors, not be misused by its competitors who only seek the destruction of a 70-year-old local cigarette manufacturing company,” Barrientos said.

    He said the company will take steps to ask for the immediate re-opening of its warehouses and pursue punitive action against those who had misused the BOC Mission Orders for insidious purposes.

    “A local company should not cower or be at the tender mercies of its competitors who are against its advocacy of alleviating the plight of local tobacco farmers,” he added.


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