• Mighty Corporation belies reports on shutdown of operations


    Mighty Corp. (MC), the Filipino cigarette manufacturer based in Malolos City, Bulacan, on Sunday said that there was no shutdown of its operations and it is business as usual for the company.

    “We are not shutting down our operations. Our business operations are normal and on track, and it is business as usual for the company,” ret. Judge Oscar Barrientos, MC executive vice president and spokesman, said in a statement.

    Barrientos said the routine schedule of the Malolos-based MC factory, which has two facilities for cigarette making, included comprehensive maintenance work.

    “In fact, we continue to install equipment and implement cost-efficient projects in our production line in our quest to continue to be the leader in producing low-cost quality cigarettes,” Barrientos added.

    The MC spokesman also said criticisms against the company were “rehashed issues that had no basis in fact.”

    “Efforts to cast Mighty Corp. in a bad light, to the point of resorting to outright lies, are pathetic and lamentable. Instead of focusing on improving their business processes, our competitors have resorted to waging a smear campaign against us. This is not good corporate practice,” Barrientos said.

    He added that the latest issue—the supposed shutdown of operations—appeared to signal “a new low in the mudslinging campaign.”

    The corporation has been accused by competitors of under-declaring its production to reduce the amount of excise taxes that it is mandated to pay.


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    1. Benedict Cordero on

      “It’s business as usual for the company.”

      It’s crazy how the company is just allowed to go about their business, despite all the evidence pointing to fraud. You’d think the BIR would be more on top of this.

    2. Question is…. WHY isn’t the company shut down? Remember when Henares unceremoniously had Pacquaio’s assets frozen? There wasn’t even really a case filed at the time, but still she was very vigilant about going against who she claims a tax evader…Yet with Mighty, we see a different story.

    3. Anna Lisa Marquez on

      So apparently the company’s operations are still in full swing….Now that the Mighty tax fraud allegations are being discussed in the Senate, hopefully there will be answers soon and perhaps if proven guilty, the company will be shut down for real…

    4. Meredith Pacheco on

      Barrientos keeps talking about mudslinging and smear campaigns…. the thing is, if the company isn’t doing anything bad, then there will be nothing to smear the company name with. All the data seems to suggest tax fraud, and the company is yet to give a concrete answer to the allegations.

    5. Huge revenue loss for our govt because of Mighty Corp tax evasion.Tsk tsk kapal nila