• Mighty vows to promote local tobacco


    Mighty Corp., the Philippines’ oldest cigarette maker, vowed to increase tobacco procurement from local suppliers for its expanding product line.

    Executive Vice President Oscar Barrientos said the company, which is celebrating its 69th anniversary, is looking to export local blended and expanded tobacco.

    “We are working closely with local farmers and our local tobacco suppliers in planning and implementing our expansion programs,” Barrientos said.

    “We plan to export local tobacco. We are fully committed to support our local farmers and the local tobacco industry as we move forward and compete in the local and foreign markets,” he added.

    Mighty Corp.’s anniversary will be highlighted by the re-launching of the company’s oldest and flagship brands—La Campana Ringing Bell and Alhambra cigarettes—known traditionally as “Matamis” and “Regaliz” blend lines.

    The company, which produces brands in the non-premium category, had earlier launched two brands in the premium category: King and Chelsea. These two brands are now categorized in the highest tax bracket for cigarettes.

    “We hope to extend the reach of Mighty Corp. and strengthen our position as the top Filipino-owned tobacco company in the Philippines,” Barrientos said.

    The company was established in 1945 as La Campana Fabrica de Tabacos, Inc. by Wong Chu King and started out with a small cigarette factory in Manila.

    A facility for tobacco threshing and redrying was constructed in 1963 in Malolos, Bulacan where the company’s present-day nine-hectare fully integrated manufacturing and processing plant is located.

    The company was renamed Mighty Corp. in 1985.

    Meanwhile, Barrientos said the company is ready for the smooth implementation of the cigarette stamp tax system after activating contingencies it drew up six months ago to ensure full compliance with the new tax regulation.

    He said the company is ready to comply with the new tax system, saying some of Mighty Corp.’s machines are now equipped with stamp applicators.


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    1. Benedict Cordero on

      In typical Mighty fashion, the company continues to resort to some PR stunts in a vain attempt to distract from their illicit practices issues. Do they really think that all this talk about promoting local tobacco is enough to make people forget about the alleged billions of unpaid taxes?

    2. “Mighty Corp., the Philippines’ oldest cigarette maker, vowed to increase tobacco procurement from local suppliers for its expanding product line.”

      – I’ve read this last year, so far all Mighty’s done is continue to cheat the government and deny it at the same time.

      • And at the same time try to use the fact that they are a Filipino company to try to gain public sympathy and try to pin the blame on their competitors.

    3. A pathetic piece trying to convince people of their robber and smuggler image. Too late. Figures don’t lie. If you really want to improve your image, then perhaps you pay your taxes and stop smuggling, thieves!

    4. Meredith Pacheco on

      Mighty trying super hard to better their image, trying to tug at the Filipinos’ heartstrings by vowing to promote local tobacco. Too late for that! Should have thought of that before they allegedly cheated the country billions in taxes.

    5. Carter Gumabay on

      Probably just a another bunch of empty promises. Look, if Mighty is so concerned about the local tobacco industry, why are there so much evidence against them regarding their illicit trade practices? They do know that that hurts the industry, right?

    6. Ano to pakitang tao? Why would a company want to expand it’s business only to lose more money from excessive tax? Unless of course if there is some sort of “abracadabra” going on..because despite the mounting evidence of Mighty Corp. questionable practices, the company is still in good business..how frustrating to see the actions of our government to this issue..Wonder what kind of connivance does Mighty Corp. have with the resident agents of the BIR. Hmm…