Mika dela Cruz’ first time dye


Teen TV star Mika de la Cruz has never colored her hair. It was therefore a major event when she finally agreed to do so after signing up as brand ambassador of Japanese coloring brand Liese Creamy BHC.

“I used to be so scared of coloring my hair because I’ve never done it before and I always associated the procedure with strong chemicals that can cause damage,” she shared during her launch.

Mika dela Cruz

“I agreed to do this because I looked into the brand’s ingredients and saw how it has royal jelly extract that moisturizes and hydrolyzed silk that protects hair, making it soft even after treatment,” de la Cruz added.

The 18-year-old is also a big believer in Japanese products, with her relationship with brands from The Land of the Rising Sun going all the way back to when her mom was working there and would send her presents.

“I’ve always trusted Japanese innovation and technology, plus the fun behind their products—imagine using foam color—so I wasn’t disappointed with my first experience changing the shade of my hair,” she ended.

The teen actress chooses a gentle formulation on her first time to change hair color

Half-a-year highlights
A newly launched hair coloring range under the Barcelona brand Lakmé promises “natural-looking highlights to look just as good even after half a year.”

Distributed in the country by luxury salon chain Piandré, the hair color palette brings about a “lived-in color” effect, whereby one’s natural hair color is “accentuated” rather changed completely.

Specifically for the Filipino dark hair, the brand recommends the line’s varying brown to blonde highlights, which come out natural and “beachy” given the tropical climate.

“With this technology, the subtle coloring of the roots blending with the real hair color eliminates those harsh lines when hair grows out and erases the need for frequent touch-ups,” explained Aina Valencia, Lakmé Philippines president.

3-step Keratin boost
Another hair treatment from Spain that has entered the Philippine market is the i.plex three-step product line that prevents aging, strengthens strands, tames frizz, maintains color, and finally protects the hair from UV rays

It is an all-around treatment for different kinds of hair damage—from coloring, excessive heat styling, dullness, or just the unavoidable wear and tear—by providing a keratin boost in one sitting.

Keratin is a protein that comprises 95 percent of the hair, and serves as protection for the hair’s outer layer and strengthener for its inside. i.plex, also by Lakmé and distributed by Piandré contains keratins Keratec and Keravis, two patented molecules that strengthen the hair by 44 percent and reconstructs the hair by 94 percent.

Results, according to its makers, are instantly noticeable after the treatment.


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