Milestone at 60

Becky Garcia

Becky Garcia

A 60th birthday is a milestone that certainly calls for a major celebration. It marks the start of many new beginnings, the unfolding of more beautiful episodes in one’s life.

The well-loved Atty. Rene Puno, managing partner of the Law Firm of Zulueta, Puno, and Associates, did not pass up on the chance to party with his numerous friends and beloved family on his 60th birthday on June 20. Rene welcomed over 100 of his guests who all trooped to the trendy Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. In return, everyone led by Rene’s parents Justice Ricardo Puno and Priscilla Villanueva Puno and Ann’s mother, Teresita Santa Cruz eagerly greeted the “birthday boy” a very happy birthday.

Birthday celebrant Rene Puno (center) with his wife Ann and their children Renee, Luis and Yago

Birthday celebrant Rene Puno (center) with his wife Ann and their children Renee, Luis and Yago

Rene’s wife, Ann Santa Cruz Puno, together with the multi-talented Puno children, Renee, Yago and Luis, planned the dinner and dance reception in Rene’s honor, and came up with a truly memorable program to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Hosted by the Puno children themselves, the program featured many significant and meaningful performances that warmed the heart of the celebrant. Yago acted as the principal host, and Renee and Luis sang special song numbers that enthralled the audience.

Pilita Corrales and Teresita  Santa Cruz

Pilita Corrales and Teresita Santa Cruz

In addition, Rene’s celebrity performer friends, Ding Mercado, Eugene Villaluz, and the incomparable Pilita Corrales added luster to the evening with their topnotch performances including a duet with her favorite son in law Ricky Davao.

This was followed by several video presentations were played out, showcasing various landmarks in Rene’s life.

It was definitely one fine night to remember. To Atty. Rene V. Puno, may you be blessed with many, many fruitful years to come. Cheers!




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