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    Connected technologies in vehicles are now an essential part of a car purchase. Nowadays, car buyers make it a point that new cars, prior to buying them, should have or at least support the features and services found in today’s smart phones. Motorists have fully embraced the new technologies available in cars and smart phones that help improve their driving experience through web-connected in-car entertainment and information as well as real-time digital diagnostics. There is one company that has been in the forefront of developing peripherals and hardware that support smart technologies for people who are always on the go: MiLi.

    MiLi is a Chinese brand that is synonymous with power banks. Based in Shenzhen, Southeastern China, the company began producing batteries for Nokia cellular phones since 1984. In 2003, it partnered with Apple Inc. and started producing mobile charging solutions for iPhone and other smartphones. One of their best- selling products is the all-metal Smart 4.8 Car Charger. The all-metal tip construction enables it to be used as an emergency hammer that can shatter glass in case of emergency.

    The brand is the very fist Chinese brand to become an Apple authorized manufacturer and is included in Apple Inc.’s MFI Program (Made for iPhone/iPod,iPad program). It is duly licensed to produce software peripherals and hardware that work with Apple’s iDevices including iPod, iPad and iPhone.

    The battery business has now evolved into extensive research, development and manufacturing of car chargers, battery packs for digital cameras, external batteries for smart phones and Apple products. The brand is available in over 4,000 retail stores including 95 percent of Apple authorized stores across China and has a network of over 30 sole agents around the world. Over 22 different airlines worldwide have established a close partnership with MiLi.

    New products
    Last year, MiLi came out with its first smart product, which is the MiLi Pure. It is a skin moisture detector that sends data to an iDevice or smartphone for the readout. This year, MiLi came introduced the Skin Mate, a pocket-sized ultraviolet radiation detector that measures the UV rays that makes contact with the skin. The data is also sent to an iDevice or smartphone and even reminds the user when to apply sunscreen and when to re-apply it. This device can also be used by motorists to measure the UV rays entering the car’s cabin to determine if the UV level is safe. Although it may not seem significant, these smart devices have relevant use in everyday life.

    MiLi’s latest product is the iData. Since its introduction early this year, the iData has become a bestseller for iDevices. It is an external storage system that allows users to store music, movies and other important files on a convenient, swappable drive. Contacts can be backed-up using this drive while photos and movies can easily be moved between Apple devices.

    Recently, MiLi opened its very first concept shop, the “Smart House,” which is a showcase of all the new high-tech gadgets available in the market. All the items on display are for the customers to try out. In return, the shop representatives get feedbacks from the customers to find out what smart products they can innovate and produce next. All the data gathered from their customers help them in their pursuit of innovating connected technologies.

    Currently, MiLi is developing products that works alongside HomeKit, Apple’s take on home automation. Using the HomeKit software as a framework, developers can link up new products with iDevices and controlled through Siri voice commands.

    At present, there are more than 60 million users using MiLi products worldwide, including the Philippines. MiLi Philippines, through its president Edbert Tiu, vowed to always provide Filipinos with the latest technologies and products from MiLi.


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