Militant teachers’ bloc urge GSIS chief to quit


MILITANT teachers’ group Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) is calling for the resignation of Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) president and general manager Robert Vergara for receiving fat bonuses and allowances.
ACT national president Benjie Valbuena on Thursday said they are not surprised of the Commission on Audit report on the GSIS’s overcharging amounting to P1.3 billion.

“It is the main reason why we question the hefty bonuses given to the executives of the state social insurance agency especially that of Vergara. The problems we are raising during the term of Winston Garcia are still rampant with the current administration. And the worse is that the current executives receives much more as compared of the last administrators,” Valbuena said.

In 2012, GSIS president and general manager Robert Garcia and his vice presidents received the total amount of P63.6 million for bonuses and allowances alone, according to Valbuena.

“They rake millions out of the agency without improving their services for the teachers and this is even legalized and authorized by President Aquino himself through his Executive Order [EO] 24. This clearly shows how President Aquino’s ‘daang matuwid’ benefited his ‘kabarkadas’ and disaster for the great majority,” Valbuena added.

Under EO 24, an oversight committee was created to oversee the performance of the government-owned and -controlled corporations (GOCC) and Government Financial Institutions (GFI). The committee is also given power to adjust the compensation and benefits of the executive officers of the GOCCs and GFIs to make it comparable to that of the private sector.

“Until now, our service and payment records are not in place and yet they have the guts to say that they deserve the money? Some of us have retired from the service already, but their records are still to be reconciled.“

Neil A. Alcober


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