• Militant youths slam scrapping of Filipino from curriculum


    MILITANT youth group League of Filipino Students (LFS) on Wednesday slammed the decision of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to scrap Filipino subjects from the general education curriculum (GEC) for college students.

    CHED Memorandum Order 20 Series of 2013 states that Filipino courses will only be offered to Filipino majors starting in the academic year 2016.

    LFS national spokesperson Charlotte Velasco said “it is infuriating that while we will commemorate Independence Day, CHED and the Aquino government has just imposed another unpatriotic and anti-Filipino policy.”

    The youth leader said that “instead of coming up with ideas on how to develop literacy in our national language among our youth, the government has chosen to enforce a policy in favor of foreign interests.”

    Velasco reminded the administration that language was a crucial part of nation-building. She added that the CHED order affirmed that the Philippine education system does not serve the needs of the Filipino people.

    “The memorandum order will only worsen the colonial character of our education and society,” Velasco added.

    “Along with the previous implementation of the K-to-12 program and the academic calendar shift, the Aquino government proves to have no interest in shaping a nationalist education that is essential for our country’s progress and development. What’s left for the youth is a type of education that only wishes to produce semi-skilled laborers for the global market,” Velasco said.

    The LFS also said the policy will lead to the closure of Filipino departments in different colleges and universities and will leave 10,000 Filipino teachers jobless.

    “This is complete betrayal of our heroes who fought for our language, our national freedom and identity. The more Aquino demonstrates his shameless kowtowing to his foreign masters and shows his gross neglect to the Filipino youth, the more he justifies our call for his ouster,” Velasco said.


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    1. CHED did the right thing. CHED should go even further and remove tagalog in high school and elementary.

      english should be taught right from kindergarten. filipinos should stop thinking of english as a foreign language it’s been part of their history for more than 100 years. if a filipino refuses to learn english, that’s his right. but there are plenty of filipinos who are eager to learn english properly, they should be given that option if they want it.

      those who are pushing for tagalog should stop talking about colonial mentality garbage. it’s 2014, philippines became independent in 1946. the philippines is already independent, there’s no point of talking about colonial mentality in 2014.

      english is part of the philippine culture, filipinos should embrace it.

    2. eltee mulawin on

      >>> SA CHED AT DepEd, isama rin at ipatupad ang kusong “Chinese Language” at “Arabic Language” at ang dating “Spanish Language”. Gawin mandatory ang “Chinese language” subject sa secondary at colleges courses.

    3. eltee mulawin on

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