• Military aircraft engine repair sector growing


    THE global maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industry for military aircraft engines is growing at a steady pace, driven by regional trends and complex components that demand higher costs of parts per MRO activity, according to market consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.

    “Regional tensions in Asia-Pacific due to territorial issues, primarily with China, and interest in new aircraft to counter a Chinese aircraft expansion strategy are further factors augmenting growth,” Frost & Sullivan said in a research paper released late Thursday.

    North America is the biggest source of MRO, with fixed-wing engine overhaul and repairs the largest segment of spending.

    Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are focusing on selling new aircraft with long-term aftermarket support to sustain growth in a mature ecosystem, the research said.

    “The most consistent revenue growth will be in trainer aircraft as their replacement is not tied to unit conversions,” according to Frost & Sullivan Aerospace & Defense Research Director Michael Blades.

    “In order to simplify military manning fluctuations and location infrastructure, engine maintenance is migrating toward OEM partnerships with local companies, contractors, or military depots,” Blades noted.

    New aircraft may have local suppliers that form an aftermarket relationship which includes engine MRO, he added.

    Delivery of new aircraft and slower retirement of older aircraft in Europe result in higher engine MRO cost per aircraft, the research said.

    Asian operators are also looking for MRO support, it added.


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