• Military hits Reds as peace talks resume


    ARMED Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Año had harsh words for the New People’s Army (NPA) as peace talks between the government and communist rebels resumed in the Netherlands on Sunday.

    The AFP chief also appealed to the public to report all NPA attempts at extortion so that law enforcers and soldiers could act immediately, adding that economic growth had been impeded by the “acts of masquerading ideologues who have degenerated into plain terrorists and extortionists.”

    “The chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, following a series of violent NPA activities that saw the burning of farm implements and construction equipment employed for infrastructure development, calls on the public to condemn all these atrocities and anti-development activities,” the military said in a statement.

    HUDDLE Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza (center) and government peace panel chief Silvestre Bello 3rd (right) form a lastminute huddle with the communist rebels’ chief negotiator, Fidel Agcaoili (left). Peace talks resumed at Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in Noordwijk San Zeeland, the Netherlands on Sunday.

    The AFP noted that since the resumption of hostilities with the NPA in February, more than 60 incidents of arson and extortion said to have been conducted by the rebels have been recorded.

    “AFP-initiated operations in response to information provided by concerned citizens swelled to 104 since [February 4] this year up to the end of March,” the military claimed.

    The government and the communist rebels lifted their unilateral truce declarations in February when peace talks bogged down over a rebel demand to free their detained comrades.

    The AFP again accused the NPA of taking advantage of the ceasefire to extort money from businessmen and “peace-loving” citizens, adding that the continued attacks were among the reasons the government could not agree to another unilateral ceasefire.

    “We have a mandate to follow and that is to protect our people,” Año said in the same statement.

    “For the peace talks to succeed, we have to see more sincerity on their part. We now see the concrete manifestation of the evil in our society that has been a major cause of underdevelopment, the anti-development and anti-people activities of the NPA,” he added.

    The AFP issued the statement a day after Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana tagged the NPA as “terrorists” and “anti-poor.”

    Lorenzana pointed out that NPA rebels had attacked and ambushed military and police personnel “on home leaves.”

    “They did these nefarious acts after they have asked for the resumption of peace talks and after they have announced that they will go on a unilateral ceasefire,” the Defense chief said.

    “They are anti-development, anti-progress and anti-poor,” he added.

    Lorenzana called upon “all peace-loving Filipinos to resist these thugs, these terrorists who have brought nothing but misery to the Filipino people in the past 48 years.”


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    1. matinong pinoy on

      What these NPAs / criminals asking the government is to distribute free lands to them, in spite of their criminal activities and what they have done to the government and the people. Their extortion activities will continue because this is the easiest way for them to make money. Their bosses, still living in the Netherlands and in some other countries are comfortable with their lives and have not been in the Philippines for a long time. These morons like JoMa and Jalandoni think that they are still important part of the equation, no matter how unrealistic they are with their demands. The Philippine government peace panel should dictate the negotiations and should have the “take it or leave it” attitudes towards these communists bastards. Better yet, the government should send few intel agents to their locations and knock them out for good. PDU30 should secretly organize a clandestine operation, and select people that have high IQ and have previous experience in killing street drug pusher and user is a plus on their qualification brief. Well, the President can use the AFP and the Executive Intelligence Fund for this purpose because they cannot be audited. Copy what GMA did on PCSO money, and everything will be OK. Make sure ask “Panelo” for his advice.