Military officers ‘ready to die’ for Palparan


SOME supporters of retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan in the 125,000-strong Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said they are ready to sacrifice their careers and even their lives in order to protect the former general.

A member of the newly-formed “Free Major General Jovito Palparan Movement” told The Manila Times that a number of military officers look up to the former general and are willing to “take the bullet” for him.

The officer who requested anonymity on Tuesday said the group resented comparisons made between Palparan and former Navy officer Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, who also languished in jail during the administration of then-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

“When you talk of military respect, do not put the names of Sen. Trillanes and Gen.
Palparan in one sentence. They are not on the same level. They’re miles apart. For Gen. Palparan, we will take the bullet for him, we are now risking our careers and reputation.

We are ready to die for him because we all know and we believe that dying for him is dying for this country’s democracy,” the source, a military captain, said in an interview.

Trillanes has pushed for the transfer of Palparan to a military detention facility to ensure the latter’s safety.

The senator also warned that if the AFP will not guarantee the protection of Palparan, it may cause demoralization among the ranks as it may set a precedent that soldiers will have to face lawsuits for performing their duty as members of the military after their separation from active service.

But the source said Trillanes’ statement did not sit well with their ranks.

“The truth is, if the senator wants to help, then help. If he wants the general secured and safe, then make it happen. We are dismayed with media blitz and propaganda. We cannot help but think that some individuals want to be part of this because of the huge support for Gen. Palparan by the majority,” the military officer added.

“Maybe they think that by supporting our cause, they will look handsome in the eyes of our soldiers. Anyway, we in the active military service have a way of knowing if the senator is really exerting his best effort in helping the general.”

Another source, a lieutenant colonel, confirmed that many politicians have expressed support for Palparan and would want to meet with the group supporting the retired general.

“But for us military officers, we are vigilant enough to know that politicians, especially those who want to topple the administration, would try to infiltrate our ranks and agitate us further,” he said.

“We weigh things and contemplate our actions properly. We will not let ourselves be used by these people who have vested interests, Our undying support to Gen. Palparan is also our fight against the CPP/NPA/NDF,” the source added, referring to the Communist Party of the Philippines, New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front.


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  1. Military siding is very dangerous. We should address this with caution and wisdom. As the saying goes: “he who holds the gun holds the situation” As Mao once said: “sovereignty resides at the barrel of a gun.”

    • if the military is allowed to express their opinion for the current government who is beset with corruption, why cant the military express their dissatisfaction over the treatment of MG Palparan who spend his entire life stopping the CPP/NPA in sowing terrorism and its ideologies.when do people have the opportunity to side with and how.either you stay at the sideline or fight in the arena of just and righteous.

  2. mikhail hieronymus on

    What the heck….the general did his duty as a soldier to protect the citizenry from the communists and NPA. Of course there would be collateral damage in the process. Some college kids were indoctrinated by professional communists, and those kids thought it would be a glamorous life as a dissident. They elected the life that they got into.Too bad they were caught and they died in the process. Give the general a fair trial and see what the outcome will be. Do not put label on the general.

  3. So, there are many officers and men of the AFP who are ready to “take the bullet” for their beloved General Jovito Palparan. They are ready to “take the bullet” for him but are too cowardly to reveal their names and publicly stand-up for their criminal idol. They are nothing but shameless SOBs. They hide behind anonymity but are too afraid to face the consequences of their outbursts. These tribe of military personnel supporting Palaparan are probably the latter’s henchmen who performed the murders and other criminal acts to make their beloved Palparan salivate with happiness. So, they are ready to die for Palparan? Well, I hope they get wish !!!

    • So you said big words and hide under that name as well. I am not a fan of killing but because of this General we are safe from those communist and let me tell you something about those npa they are ruthless and savages because they believe in something that is not true. Say your true name and speak out that you hate the people keeping us safe and while you are at it create a group on Facebook for your cause. You are the shameless SOB!