Military symphatizers of Palparan warn govt


ACTIVE military officers on Friday took the cudgels for retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan, once the poster boy of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) anti-insurgency campaign, warning that any unfair treatment against the embattled retired official would be detrimental to the morale of the soldiers.

At the same time, the 800-member Association of Generals and Flag Officers (AGFO), in a statement, denounced the trial by publicity being heaped by military groups against Palparan, who was arrested on August 12 in Manila.

An active officer who holds the rank of a captain lambasted Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin for making Palparan a sacrificial lamb without considering the sentiment of the soldiers who risk their lives and limbs fighting the communist New People’s Army.

“The worse of them all is the SND (Secretary of National Defense). He has himself interviewed on television, boosting that he had long wanted to make the arrest of Gen. Palparan as a gift to the President so as to make the President smile,” the officer, who requested anonymity, told The Manila Times.

“It was a very expensive smile by the President. It is equivalent to the frown of more than a hundred thousand soldiers. Do our leaders understand our sentiment, our feeling?” the source said.

He added that Gazmin and other government officials were more preoccupied with external issues, fooling themselves that the NPA is already a spent force.

“The threat of the CNN (Communist Party of the Philippines-NPA-National Democratic Front) is very much alive. And while we are fooling ourselves that they are no longer a formidable force, we will wake again up one day that we are again on a curative mode, reactionary soldiers,” the source warned.

A parallel case, he pointed out, that of the officers and men who were charged before the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the arrest of 43 suspected rebels, more popularly known as the Morong 43, in Morong, Rizal.

The rebels, the source said, were ordered released by the government to appease the communist leadership at the expense of the soldiers who only did their jobs.

“Capture of Palparan, laughing pill for Aquino,” he added.

The source described Palparan as a model soldier, one of the few who has not been involved in any malfeasance while in service, but whose only fault was his dedication to his job as member of the AFP.

“The truth is, the arrest of Palparan will make other generals look bad because Gen, Palparan has not been involved in graft and corruption, no [record of]immorality or issues of excesses. He did not enrich himself while in service,” he pointed out.

Maj. Amado Gutierrez, spokesman for the 8th Infantry Division, also warned that any unfair treatment against Palparan would cause demoralization among soldiers on the frontline.

“For me, Gen. Palparan is a good soldier. The government should see to it that his rights will be respected, that he is still innocent until proven guilty by the court of law, Otherwise, it will cause demoralization among soldiers that look up to him,” Gutierrez said.

On the positive side, he added that Palparan’s arrest would give him the opportunity to air his side of the story.

Capt. Alberto Caber, spokesman, Eastern Mindanao Command, said that the case of Palparan is better left to the court for evaluation.

Meanwhile, AGFO Chairman and President Lt. Gen. Edilberto Adan (retired) said Palparan should be given his day in court against his accusers and should not be linked to politics.


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  1. Gen. Palparan was fighting for democracy but he was charge as enemy…
    Joma Sison a communist killing Pilipinos for his idiology but no condemnation to people who think deeds are for the country

  2. gen palparan was a good and instrument soldier who did his job as his oath being the defender of democracy… those accuse him of being a murderer is a result of brainwash of that CNN ideology…. anu ba ang nagawa ng cnn sa bansa? Is penoys also a cnn thats why it was a gift for him the capture of gen palparan? magising tayo were being indoctrine by communist. were the communist come from? china? is penoys a chinese?

  3. nikoy canacero on

    Lots of us have fooled with this promising words “Dying for the sake of others ” they are only concerned on their rights what about the rights of others … better teach them to respect the rights of others so people may also extend to respect their rights too.

  4. nikoy canacero on

    If the the AFP is the instrument for US imperialism and big business; whor are providing jobs and employment not to all but to many . What about the NPA whom they are instrument for?

  5. Dapat si Gen. Palparan ay nasa serbisyo pa ngayon (extended service)..Marami tumitira sa kanya dyan,ano ba sila..anu-ano ba mga ngawa nila?..nakakagawa ba sila ng kabutihan sa bansang Pilipinas?May naitutulong ba sila para matuwid ang mga baluktot na pag-iisip ng ating mga kababayan? Dapat kay Gen. Palparan, isama xa sa grupo/kampanya kontra katiwalian,..invite him to serve the goverment, with his dedication and service to the country..Takot lang kayo at mabigyan uli ng posesyon si Gen Palparan, kayo kayo palage nag-iingay, hindi nyo sya inundayan..We salute you sir,Gen. Palaparan!

  6. Alandoni Jose on

    A message for E. Subijano, i’m just curious: why did you say that MGen Palparan is a murderer, human rights violator and criminal? Tell me straight: who are you? Do you have any idea what did MGen Palparan did for the Philippines in its fight against the CPP/NDF? With the MNLF in Mindanao?

    Please, when you are not sure of what to say, then don’t say anything.

    Just a friendly reminder!!!

  7. The PEOPLE has SYMPATHY w/ General Jovito Palparan but it does not mean that The People favors Military Coup Any Body in the country has the RIGHT for FAIR trial and many support Jovito Palparan agains counter NPA atrocities that has already ruined the country for deacades

  8. Men in uniform active or retired, group or individual did not mention that the General is doing right in relation to abduction and killings allegedly made by the accused.. They are only invoking FAIR TREATMENT OF JUSTICE for the General as what the Government accorded to the criminals and to the communists… Trial by publicity, naming the General as Berdugo etc., these are all indications that those people shouting it want the head of the General to roll down without due process.. That the people in uniform don’t want to happen, as retired General Palparan is a Filipino citizen having also the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution.

  9. Instead of condemning a notorious human rights violator and murderer it seems many officers and men of the AFP (not all, mind you !!!) are very willing to defend the record of the criminal Jovito Palparan. This only proves the fallacy of President PeNoy’s (aka BS Aqiono) statement that “there are no more butchers in the AFP”. On the contrary, this proves that Jovito Palparan has plenty of “clones” in the AFP and they continue to wreak havoc on the citizenry (especially on those who are protesting the abuses against themselves). This proves that AFP is nothing but an instrument of US imperialism and local bug business. An instrument that is very willing to trample on the rights and lives of the Filipino people whom they are sworn to defend. The AFP is nothing but a rotten institution that could not face up to China but is very tough and brutal against the Filipinos it is suppose to protect. The AFP should be abolished and replaced by a true army of the people.

    • He is the butchers of all the criminals, your mind still in colonialism era that expressed against the US but whose doing good for us. Gen. Palparan do his job without any doubt kasi as protector of the people and our nation ginawa niya ang tama. Fair trial not by publicity for Gen. Palaparan b-coz i believed he is an honest and good soldier compare to others good only for talking nonsense.

    • mga rebeldeng comunista lang ang takot at galit kay palparan. may naitutulong ba ang mga NPA n yan