Military to bar protest actions at disputed shoal


THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) will block Filipino protesters from sailing to the disputed West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), saying that what a nationalist youth group did on Independence Day, June 12, although patriotic was a high-risk move, a military official said on Wednesday.

“What if kung nagkaroon ng medyo violent reaction or medyo worse scenario na napahamak sila so at the end kami pa rin ang mananagot sa kanila [What if there was a violent reaction or worst-case scenario something bad happened to them? They are our responsibility in the end],” said Capt. Gina Daet, Nolcom spokesman.

She was referring to members of the The Kalayaan Atin Ito (Freedom This is Ours) group whose members were blocked and sprayed with water by Chinese Coast Guard ships as they sailed to a shoal in disputed waters on Sunday.

Nolcom officials, according to Daet, were able to contact the team leader of the group, Vera Joy Ban-eg, and told her that while the military is not condemning them, it will not tolerate what they did for various security reasons.

Prior to the incident, she disclosed that the military had received information that a group plans to go to Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal.

“We guarded possible entry points but they managed to elude us,” Daet said.

She added that the group managed to breach military security by initially posing as fishermen.

China has defended its bullying of the protesters even as it maintained that it has sovereign rights over Panatag, which Beijing calls Huangyan Island.

In a news briefing in Beijing late Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Lu Kang He said Filipinos should not to take any provocative action in Beijing’s supposed territories in the South China Sea.

To prevent the repetition of the incident, Daet said the Nolcom has doubled and tightened its security in the areas leading to contested waterways.

“We already adopted some measures to prevent another situation, another similar scenario,” she added.


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  1. Dante Britanico on

    The Armed Forces of the Philippines is duty bound to protect our interest in our territory. That is very clear in our constitution. Now The way of reasoning of this AFP spokesman is stupid. Why not send our ships there, anyway the Chinese violated the agreement for each party to get out of that shoal during the confrontation. And it is the right of every Filipinos to protect our country. Now why have they chickened out? Are the Navy Captains of our ships are just for show only or set warmers? You better get your triple M or gold cross award in combat rather than from winning in Basketball game.

  2. enrique gutierrez on

    Eh fi kayo ang magbantay. Takot ba tayo? Joke lang.?? No to wars anywhere on earth. Basta Ya.

  3. juan dela fruz on

    Sir, those chinese are our enemies NOT THOSE WHO HAD BALLS TO STAND FOR OUR RIGHTS AND TERRITORIES… if nobody would resist and react on them then who else? “Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo….” remember what you sworn unto your constitution sir!