• Military upgrade


    Because of present territorial threats involving the Philippines and neighboring Asian countries, it is but appropriate to upgrade the capabilities of our armed forces. Last year, we saw the growing threat of China who had repeatedly made incursions in our legitimate water boundaries and and it has not stopped in doing so. Earlier China took over some of our reefs and islets and built structures on them.

    The acquisition of new fighter jets and two frigates for the Philippine Navy is set for this year, according to the AFP Chief Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, and the funds will come from the expected $40 million US military assistance revealed by US Secretary of State John Kenny who was recently in the Philippines. This would definitely be a boost for the AFP who is continuing to modernize the organization, taking it slowly but surely.

    A strong armed forces will be able to fulfill its mandate to address internal security, territorial defense and answer relief and rescue operations swiftly. This is no longer a dream for the present military leadership is making it all happen.

    Martin Clavell
    Tuguegarao City


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    1. Abu Khaleb Ahaaz on

      The Philippines government must double-time not only more than focus on upgrading their armed forces to guard territories under siege by any rogue states, it should focus also in molding of more Mutual Defense Treaties with the strong-reliable nations such as Japan, US, Australia, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Middle East Nation,Taiwan, Malaysia or even NATO, and bond a stretched ” Arms Deal” with these nation alone to fast-track acquisition of necessary military hardware and technical assistance.
      The enemies are already at your gates and it only waits for signal from their commanders and difinitely they have already war plans..
      The Philippine government must not ignore these signs, if you can not get it, learn from history, and don’t play the fool, because you don’t have to, don’t take this lightly since the consequence could be so catastrophic and far from imaginable.

    2. We keep on upgrading while our enemies like China are ready for battle. It’s like a sports team still organizing and training against a strong opponent that’s waiting for the referee to blow his whistle to begin the game.

    3. this is too long overdue. this modernization should have started 20 yrs ago. now we are cramming like taking a final exam and did not study. the navy also need of thinking of acquiring medium size submarines. right now Vietnam has 6 kilo class subs from Russia. Two has already been delivered. we need at least 6 subs.

      • in addition many parts of the archipelago remained unsecure to lack of ships by the navy and coastguard. some of those small uninhabited islands may be occupied by drug smugglers like that of the Mexican cartel now operating in the country, and maybe some pirates and terrorists in those uninhabited small islands.