Million marchers? Maring and marching

Rene Saguisag

Rene Saguisag

The best paper in town, for which Ninoy Aquino wrote, headlined last Tuesday, “NUMBERS LOW, BUT SPIRITS HIGH”. It said “only close to 70,000 showed up at Rizal Park.” Why fantasize then about a million? The point had been made: the middle class and the elite are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. Good.

I did not join and had pled for a resetting to next week while the Iglesia ni Kristo, others and I preferred to spend the time with Life’s Losers. My Church had prelates crying and marching instead of helping the Maring victims. Maybe they helped unadvertised?

I did not see Manny V. Pangilinan nor Manny Pacquiao in the rally. Both I saw in the MOA Arena in our FIBA title game with Iran. However, “MVP leads Tulong Kapatid relief operations.” Phil. Star, Aug. 25, 2013, p. D-2, col. 3.

And MVP Group aids flood victims.” Ditto, Aug. 27, 2013, p. C-9.

As to the other Manny, he seems to be busy explaining that he’s not bankrupt.

“ Hans Sy, anything but bankrupt, I read about helping Maring victims, but not about joining a picnic. Ditto for Kris, Marian, Angel, Ai Ai, Judy Ann and KC.

I have no idea how many passed away because of Maring.

I did note the passage of Rodolfo Tan Cardoso, who I would find on the same bus to Pasig, decades ago, when he was courting Lita Salomon, a local beauty; there is no other kind as to Pasigueñas. She said no and Rudy never married. He was 75. Now I see Linda Rondstat, 67, with Parkinson’s. My Dulce and I watched her in Vegas in 1996, where she sang Blue Bayou, among other ballads. California Guv. Brown courted her. Busted. Rudy, di ka Nagiisa. Many Pinoys have since excelled in chess, with Rudy as Role Model.

Chavit SingSon and Manny Pacquiao were the major sponsors of the Terminal recognition event last Aug. 21 at the Tarmac where Ninoy was salvaged 30 tears ago.

Chavit, praised to me to the high heavens by Ninoy in 1982, I understand. But, why Manny Pac? Cuz he had donated? Cheap. Aug. 21 is not about datong. We should not be seen as doing anything for money.

But I am glad that finally the human rights lawyers, as a collectivity, were honored last Sunday, at the same Tarmac. I have previously been recognized by our people,along with Joker, Bobby Tañada, Joey Lina, Bobbit Sanchez, Jun Factoran, Alex Padilla, Dodo Sarmiento, Ed Pamintuan, Oca Rodriquez, Hessie Mallilin, and Jojobama.

But what our about the Unknown Soldiers, which at the time formed part of the Opposition along with academics and churchmen because the traditional Opposition (trapo talaga) joined the dictator or crept and hid under the rock for a dozen years?

We cannot have Hermon Lagman, who “disappeared” in 1977, and Ed Araullo, Jun Beltran and Ed Abaya, who left for a better world this year, continue to go unwept, unhonoured and unsung. We need to entourage law students to go to human rights lawyering and recognizing them is an incentive.

Last Saturday, I saw Manny Pangilinan at the MOA Arena as our beloved Red Lions lost to the Letran Knights. But, was I glad to see San Beda staying, loudlycheering the winners. I did not hear of MVP at the Luneta last Monday. Instead I saw reports ofhow he personally handed relief goods to Maring victims. And I applaud him and the Iglesia ni Cristo for organizing relief operations all over, including in Paranaque where, Mayor Ewin Olivares told me, many constituents were under water; I bumped into him last week. For many, no time for rallies.

I read abut Kris, Pinky, Ballsy and Viel in Paranaque. Not in Luneta.

Where was my Church? Issuing Manifestos, and at the Luneta, to add to the “Million” (actual attendance in the glamorous risk-free picnic was much lower than that). So more precise would the Much-Less-Than-a-Million-Marchers. Ghost Marchers don’t count.

What to do now with the billions of moolah that are there? If the elected cannot be trusted with money, could the unelected NGOs? But apparently, shut out, like Rene and Tolits Atienza.

We thank Rene though for being the ponente in the July 15, 2003 ruling ordering the Marcoses to return billions of their ill-gotten wealth butI blame him for not ordering the prosecution of ill-gotteners Imelda, Bongbong and, Imelda. From the money turned over government we will get the P10B to be awarded to human rights victims but PNoy has not created the implementing Board. A toxic puzzle.

Pork is not toxic per se, Rene‘s display of poor judgment continued. Lito Atienza also got booed. I had thought convicted Rene had better judgment than CJ. He committed procedural hara-kiri. Booed. I don’t know whether the marchers should have behaved the way San Beda did last Saturday, standing by the sidelines, clapping, applauding winners passing by. Show me a good loser and you show me a loser—Leo Durocher —we overdo.

Rene who did not agree 1) that a lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client and, 2) that you do not call as a witness one whose answers you do not already
I have not understood why we Bedans no longer sing the Red & White but seeing how losers accept losing graciously was breath-taking. Yet, I cannot resist pointing out what when I arrived at the Arena I was told the score was 9-0 against us. We eventually lost by seven. So in my presence, we won by two. Animo San Beda! Arriba Letran!

As a Life’s Loser, any defeat I can take. I pray for victory, and I get it, or something better.

Letran, see you next time. Ghost Marchers I may not see any time soon.

And between Maring and Marching last Sunday, no contest, for me, in my tiny place in the sun.


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  1. Turning up for a rally against the pork barrel that the corrupt politicians don’t want to let go of, is worth more than the rally against “Chinese” invasion of our seas. At least sa rally namin, natakot ang gobyerno. But I wont rain on your parade, just because you think the Chinese invasion of our seas is more important than corruption in our government.

    Excuse me for being selfish. I blame the squatters and the government for this perpetual/annual flood calamity and I have no qualms on holding back my money. I give my taxes to the government for them to think of long term solutions for floods caused by typhoons’, but they would rather give it away to corrupt politicians who wants to get kickback from a waiting shed and a covered basketball court.

    So yes. I would rather hold on to my money than give it to life’s losers or to the “tuwid na daan” government.

  2. You do not seem to mind that Joker had become a dedicated GMA defender and Jojobama is tremendously wealthy now for unexplained reasons. Ah colleagues in the fight against evil Marcos: they fought Marcos, that is all that matters, uh? Rene Corona’s ponencia against Marcos should apply to all, don’t you think, but your indignation seems to focus on personalities, not on the sin.

    You should ask PNoy why after making a big show of the award of P10B to human rights victims of Marcos, he is not creating an Implementing Board. He probably ordered a check and found many of them “victims” still active insurgents or sleepers hahaha! P10B or a fraction of it in the hands of the Communists, hmmm, is no joke, Mr Saguisag.

    By the way, should Cory too pay victims of human rights violations during her term?

  3. Of course all yellows like this opinion writer, the ex Cabinet Member and ex Senator are not expected to join the march. So what else is new, Mr. Saguisag. You owe the Aquino’s for what you are today so we understand your sentiments to glorify and protect any yellow in government. Correct?

  4. So spell it out clearly for us lowbrows. You like BS Aquino lll very much, and you don’t find anything wrong with the way they kicked out CJ Corona, right? We respect your right to express your personal feelings about things, but when you present yourself as a columnist, we expect to read something more coherent and something more relevant to a discussion of national issues rather than you undying loyalty and pride in your Alma mater. For instance, what do you think of how the farmers were treated in Hda Luisita? You were there. You should know. Peace.