Million-peso hospital supplies lie idle in Quezon


A maternal and newborn nutrition project worth P16.52 million. Province-wide health investment program worth P6.88 million. Hospital equipment worth P14.23 million. Drugs and medicines worth P40.25 million.

These were just the health programs lined up for the province of Quezon that the Commission on Audit (COA) found to be idle and not fully implemented despite their hefty program funding.

State auditors reported that the maternal and newborn-child health and nutrition program and the province-wide investment plan for health were not carried out in a timely fashion.

They said the Department of Health issued a combined project fund of P23.39 million between 2010 and 2012 for both projects.

However, as of end-2012, only P12.52 million, or 57 percent of the total fund was used at, leaving P10.87 million unused.

Considering that the program was intended to meet Millennium Development Goals, primarily the maternal-health-related index, “all the programmed activities were not carried out as agreed, thus, resulting in delays in the deliveries of the services and benefits to the intended beneficiaries of the fund,” auditors wrote in their report.

In the Quezon Medical Center, a 2D echo machine worth P7.73 million and a mammography system amounting P6.5 million remained idle for about a year.

Hospital administrators said that a 2D echo machine operator was hired only in March 2013 and had since undergone training for two months. The operator for the mammography system was already available last year.

Even then, the machines were used only for “trial runs” at P800 per service, which is almost the same rate at private hospitals, the COA said.

Besides these, drugs, medicines, and laboratory supplies worth P40.25 million were not accounted for “due to lack of records, documentation and controls.”

Hospital records at the General Services Office log P21.88 million in drugs and medicines and P18.38 million in supplies.

But the pharmacy bared that they only had P9.72-million worth of medicines and P4.29-million worth of laboratory supplies, registering a 56-percent difference and 77-percent difference, respectively.

“The distribution of medicines for the first half of the year could not be audited due to incomplete records and documentation,” the report stated.

Reliable records such as delivery receipts and issuances to patients “were not maintained in the pharmacy.”

“The actual amount could be more, considering that the period evaluated was for the second half of the year only. The possibility is not remote that there were items unaccounted for in the first semester,” COA said.


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  1. Another gigantic wastage.

    The unaccounted portion could have already been pocketed.

    What else is new?

  2. Fernando Habito on

    Quezon Memorial Hospital which became a showcase of political propaganda machine of Cong.Danilo Suarez and his son the re-elected Governor David Suarez should show transparency and accountability in this regards. Cong.Suarez the staunch supporter of GMA got a lion share in the funding of “Health Care” projects in Quezon Province.If there certain mismanagement they are accountable and need more investigations..!

  3. 77 percent difference? a lot of explaining to do even with today’s audit what is next? and how long before the missing is accounted for? ganito ba talaga ang daang matuwid ?!

  4. Rosauro Feliciano on

    This is the effect of how culture of corruption penetrated the very fibers of the mismanagement of the government.

  5. Why not COA come up with a procedural manual to be distributed to local agencies on how to record things on different items. The way I see, the problem lies in quality assurance/ quality control.