Millions lost to ghost project


I wonder if the President is really bothered by reports that despite his strict policy against corruption, millions of pesos are still lost in ghost projects these days.

A farmer from Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija wrote this columnist to inform me about a ghost project in the area worth P30 million.

The farmer, who begged not to be identified, was one of the supposed beneficiaries of the livelihood fund that was allegedly used in cattle and goat raising.

He said they were asked to sign a document before the May 2013 elections to show that they belong to a cooperative and that they have received several heads of livestock under the town’s livelihood program.

A certain Evelyn Miranda was said to have facilitated the release of the fund from the Department of Agriculture (DA) but the money did not reach poor the farmers of Cuyapo.

The farmers also blame Mayor Amado “Jhong” Corpus for telling them to sign the document and assuring them that they will receive the promised livestock after the election.

To cut the story short, the election came and went but the poor farmers did not receive the promise livelihood from Mayor Corpus nor from the non-government organization (NGO) of Miranda. They were duped!

Miranda is a known contractor not only at the Department of Agriculture (DA) but also at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). She allegedly has strong ties with several lawmakers, local officials and Janet Lim-Napoles.

She is said to work in funding livelihood and reforestation projects in the countryside using the various agencies’ funds and the pork barrel of some senators and congressmen.

Sources at the House of Representatives and the Senate claim that Mrs. Miranda has more contacts at the legislature compared to Napoles. But she and Napoles reportedly use the same modus operandi — offering fat commissions to lawmakers who gave part of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel to fake non-government organizations (NGOs).

DA Undersecretary Antonio Fleta vowed to investigate the matter. He assured the farmers in Nueva Ecija that charges will be filed against those who are involved in this ghost project.

The government should run after these scrupulous contractors. Politicians and government officials are lured into corrupt practices because of the bribe, “tongpat,” or “lagay” that they offer.

Senator Nancy Binay, who is a member of the Blue Ribbon and Agriculture committees, agrees that after the PDAF scam inquiry, other NGOs and foundations must be investigated to end such anomalies.

The likes of Miranda and Napoles should be banned indefinitely from doing business with any government agencies. After all, they are one of the sources of corruption.

* * *

Trillanes wants bir, doj to go after Enrile crony

Sen. Antonio Trillanes will ask the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to go after Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile’s cronies who are said to have built their fortune during his Senate presidency.

The former navy officer turned lawmaker wants the two agencies to look at the business dealings, assets and liabilities, and tax payments of Alice Eduardo, the owner of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, where Enrile is said to be a part owner.

I can’t blame Sen. Trillanes if he really wants to have Eduardo investigated. After all, Eduardo, who used to make hundreds of thousands a year in her small garments business, now earns several billions from her construction firm.

Eduardo, who is believed to have earned hundreds of millions a year, surprisingly is not one of the country’s top 100 taxpayers in 2011 and 2012. Neither is her company.

An accountant friend of mine believes that there may be inconsistencies in the income statement of Eduardo, resulting in her alleged low tax payments.

My friend wonders if Eduardo declared correctly her house and lot in the United States and her mansion at the Tagaytay Highlands, including several condo units in Taguig and Makati.

Well, your guess is as good as mine, my friend.


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  1. please mayor jhong corpus–do something or anything that is right and honorable! ang ating mga magsasaka—sana huwag mo silang pabayaan! itama mo ang mali—sana, sana, sana!

  2. Rey Rogelio G. Manalo, Jr. on

    ○○○ Personally, I would rather go for some PORK and BEANS,
    ○○○ Than stay with their PORK and BARRELS. … Yum-yum-yum … ((^_^)) ☻☺☻

  3. Rey Rogelio G. Manalo, Jr. on

    ○○○ Let us call on the SPUNKY GHOSTBUSTERS
    ○○○ And neutralize those SPOOKY GHOST PROJECTS !! … Yahoo !! … ((^_^)) ☻☺☻☺☻

  4. I think if you improved your legal system to work , say similar to tht of the uk then lots of these people involved in the pork barrel scam & others similar to it would have been ibnvestigated prosecuted & jailed in quite a short time. Your system here will take years & years & everyone knows it & so many of the guilty will remain at large living a luxurious lifestyle & will in effect have gotten away with it. I will give a very simple example of things to change. The bank secrecy law. Tell me why do you have that. Whilst a lot of you think about it i will tell you there is only one reason its there & that is to hide ill gotten wealth, to hide monies they dont want the government to know about. Its the only reason. In the uk if you get a certain ammount of interest in a year & or if you make a very large deposit or withdrawl the authorities ( i cant think of a better word ) will be informed. The tax will check if you have paid tax & a question will or can be asked where did that money come from & you have to prove where it came from. Now if its legal money its very simple to prove where it came from if its ill gotten ( like coronas in his impeachment ) its impossible to show its legal as it isnt legal, thats why he will soon lose all of it & rightly so. Until this country changes everything from the top it will continue as it always has.

  5. “Miranda and Napoles should be banned indefinitely” Why? They should be banned permanently and jailed.

  6. Corruption has been practice since the Spanish time, the different now are the politician and their accomplish mastered the art of curruption. Certainly their’s a solution, the question are do the people have the will to do it. See this politician are different kind of animal, they don’t understand the meaning of honor, dignity, loyalty, and love to humanity. What they understand are geed, selfisness, and dishonesty that they inherited to their great grandfather and practice and master it, so they could pass it to their children childrens. See pilipino accepted this practice because this politician trow some of their left over in the ground and the pilipino will happily pick up this left over by their mouth with a big smile, and teach their children with pride that do what I do, and you will be a good dog.


    There is an answer to that, if the President didnt do anything it is either he didnt know a thing or he just plainly doesnt care.