‘Mind your own business,’ PH tells EU Parliament


MANILA was up in arms Friday over a European Parliament resolution calling for the release of Sen. Leila de Lima from detention, with Philippine officials condemning it as an unwarranted intrusion into internal affairs.

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd led the charge and told European Union (EU) lawmakers to “mind their own business.”

“The EU Parliament should know its place in the world. It has no right to manage Philippine affairs, much more no right to micro-manage our country,” Pimentel said in a text message to reporters.

De Lima, jailed last month on what she claims were trumped-up drug trafficking charges based on testimonies of prison inmates that she accepted drug money when she was Justice secretary in the previous administration, is one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s leading critics.

In September 2016, Duterte’s Senate allies stripped her of her chairmanship of the Senate justice committee following her probe into alleged summary killings in connection with the government’s bloody drug war.

The EU Parliament took note of de Lima’s ouster, to which Pimentel responded: “Please mind your own business and don’t ever tell the Philippine Senate on who should chair any of its committees.”

Last week, European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, during a visit to Manila, told reporters the 28-nation bloc could trigger a review of trade agreements with the Philippines if a death penalty bill hurdles Congress, and if summary killings continue unabated.

Particularly at stake is the duty-free access of Philippine goods to the EU through the Generalized System of Preferences Plus or GSP+ program.

Wrong info

In a separate statement, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) indicated that EU lawmakers relied on inaccurate information, and said the resolution “cast aspersion on Philippine legal processes, its judicial system and the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution to uphold and protect the rights of all individuals.”

“While we recognize the independent standing of the European Parliament within the EU system, resolutions that are crafted by its members of Parliament must necessarily possess unimpeachable standards, given the extremely sensitive topic of human rights. It is important that the elected members exert all efforts to secure more accurate information on resolutions, in order to avoid the impression of interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign non-EU countries,” the DFA said.

It told the EU Parliament that the pillars of the criminal justice system remain to be effective and well-functioning in the Philippines, “not only for Senator de Lima but for all.”

‘Grave concern’

Members of the European Parliament or MEPs on Thursday called “for the immediate release of Senator Leila M. De Lima and for her to be provided with adequate security whilst in detention.”

They also strongly condemned “the high number of extrajudicial killings by the armed forces and vigilante groups related to the anti-drug campaign.”

The MEPs said they felt “grave concern over credible reports to the effect that the Philippine police force is falsifying evidence to justify extrajudicial killings,” the resolution added.

The resolution was adopted in a plenary sitting by the European Parliament, which noted that EU-Philippines ties go back to 1964, when the bloc was still known as the European Economic Community.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said those who have been pushing for the European Parliament resolution for de Lima’s release have a “misunderstanding of what’s happening to [her].”

“The lady is being charged with crime – not political persuasions,” Abella said. “So I think they ought to respect that.”

“On the possible loss of zero tariffs, we urge the European Parliament to reconsider its decision as we remind everyone, including international bodies, to allow us to deal with our domestic challenges without unwarranted foreign interference,” Abella said.

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo likewise denounced the EU Parliament resolution. “That is a clear foreign intrusion…they can not interfere with our country’s affairs,” Panelo said during a radio interview.

“They cannot dictate on the Philippine government on what to do with its constituents facing criminal charges nor can they interfere with the judicial processes of our country. Neither can they demand our government the performance of an act. That is foreign interference. They should mind their own business,” he added.


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  1. LuzVisMinda Luzon on

    It is just so disgusting why this EU act like they are part of ASEAN in which they are not. Philippines is the Philippines and Europe is Europe and never in the history that the Philippine interfere their internal affairs/ What happen to EU, are they just too free and jobless so they could have time to interfere the Philippine Affairs?

    I understand the history of the OPIUM WAR in China in which Germany, Britain, France, Italy and USA invaded and defeated China in 18 Century by sending illegal drugs (OPIUM) and make all Chinese people addict. I understand that from the start EUROPEAN Countries are doing this strategy to China before to defeat China may be this could be the reason why they EUROPEAN (EU) wants to protect drug lords because it is among their business but they knew it is illegal to sell drugs but they did it to China… For more information about OPIUM WAR with china, google it. Nationalinterest.org published it and clearly explained it.

    This could be the reason why EUROPEAN wants to free de lima because de lima is a successor of their business in illegal drugs since 18th century.

    We the Philippines see it clearly how the process in the Philippines, that there is no EJK and there is no abused except the Drug lords and drug peddlers appealing help to the LORD DRUG LORD PROTECTORS THE EUROPEAN Union.. the more the EU would intervene the more we would support Duterte because we will not allow that the Philippines would become a narco state like how European countries Germany, Britain, France, Italy and USA invaded and defeated China in 18 Century by making all Chinese drug addicts.

    I was an OFW during the time of Aquino and every 6 months my company provided me ticket to have a vacation and what makes me sad was the illegal drugs in the Philippines was sold like food in the street, I was cried when I saw my 5 years old nephew who was using shabu, forced by his uncles to take the smoke of the illegal drug. My 5 years old nephew is so thin and not eating well. When I went outside I saw the same thing with other young boys around being used to sell illegal drugs and joining the big men taking the illegal drugs.. so prostrating… even the most remote part near the jungle in the Philippines where vehicle could hardly get in because of very poor bumpy roads, innocent people there were taking shabu… the barangay captain in Bunawan, Salug Zamboanga del Norte, and his councilors were taking shabu in which I could not believe how worst were this illegal drugs penetrated to the most remote part of the country… those areas have almost no electricity but people prioritize the illegal drugs to be bought first instead of healthy food.. damn that illegal drugs…. We have EUROPEAN countries protecting the drug lords in the Philippines

    • Nothing is ever the fault of anyone in the Philippines, Always looking to blame some other country for the problems the Philippines government makes for the country by their corruption.

  2. Are we reading it correctly that the European Union is demanding on us on what to do with our justice system?
    Senator De Lima is not a political detainee but charge with drug criminal activities, how clear is that the EU does not understand.
    Our country has been weak because of decades of corruption that warrants other foreign countries unwarranted intervention. Clearly this moved by the EU has not been evaluated thoroughly but have just been swayed by the yellow propaganda machine.
    Filipinos should role up their sleeves and show these countries who wants to intervene in our affairs dead wrong.
    We can stand alone, or the EU might have forgotten if our seas are properly develop we can even feed one half
    of the population of Asia.

  3. The Philippines received the EU trade agreement benefits when they got rid of the death penalty.
    Since the Philippines wants to revive the death penalty they are in violation of the trade agreement and the benefits will stop.

    The PH government knew this before they started the process of bringing back the death penalty, the people are misinformed if they thought they could keep both the trade agreement and the death penalty.

    The government of the Philippines made a choise they would rather have the death penalty than the EU trade agreements, Its as simple as that.

  4. Alexander Barbacena on

    EU and Philippines can mutually disagree on this. The EU is free to do its own business as it believes deemed to; suspending diplomatic and trade relations with Philippines just as what they did to Russia. The Philippines in return can do what it believes as its own sovereign right like the Tokhang and other killings and political persecution. Both should respect each other as what they deemed the right way of doing things.

  5. EU is own its way to it own demise. Without US, they can’t really do much.

    The can’t even protect their own backward and not paying their fair share to NAT0 What right does Europe have to meddle in an internal affairs of other nation when they themselves are not exactly that clean. Maybe they still think we are still living in the past when Europe has a lot of colonies over the world.

    They can talk and pressure Philippines all they want, even UN can talk all they want. But at the end of the day, without the blessing and action from US, all they have are talks.

    Once PIGS problems resurfaced, and England execute Brexit, EU may become extinct. They know this that is why they try to be relevant while they still can.

    EU has its own mounting drugs problem. Read European Union and Drugs.

    • Hello Mina, on the contrary, EU will become even stronger, and leading it is Germany, whose hands are being forced to do what it can to protect what it has. Right now the hardworking country, the richest and most robust in Europe, is still hesitant to flex its muscles because of its WWII sins, but I can see it soon grabbing the bull by the horns and charging ahead once the U.S., so mired in debt, can no longer help. It is a country with a long history of warring deeds, not to mention brutal, and it will resurface again as such (think Assyrians—as ruthless a group of people as they come). The Catholic Church (with a long history of brutality also) will be there for the ride—the new pope is doing his share uniting people. The alliance of this “church” and whatever is left of the new EU will force the world into submission—in the most unholy order. Terrorism and drugs are pressing rulers to use more and more “arms”, as is happening in the Philippines.

  6. EU is losing bigtime to China and Japan. EU officials are old school thinkers, feeling entitled, clueless on how President DU30 thinks and leads. Pragmatic approach is the way to go in confronting the changing dynamics in Asia. Deal with it!

  7. I know many people don’t believe in the Bible, but some of its prophecies on what will happen in the world stage are manifesting before our very eyes. It talks of a “European bloc” (revival of the Roman Empire with its ten horns or nations) that will exert its will on the whole world, an “eastern bloc” (most likely led by China) that will kill one-third of the world’s population (think hydrogen bombs obliterating billions of us), and these two blocs fighting each other.
    The EU is increasingly finding its teeth, and I see a coalition of Asian countries, occurring in the next few years, that will also exert its own will, or at least assert its authority to shape its own future apart from any interference.
    Although I find it exciting to “watch” events developing and leading to the Great Tribulation, I also find it very scary. Yes, I’m afraid for all of us. Only God can save us in the end. Pray, my brothers and sisters, and read the Bible to be informed.

    • Alexander Barbacena on

      This is interesting can you please provide Biblical verses and other literature so I can read them as well. Thank you very much I hope the literature are available at Amazon

    • Hello Alexander, where or how do I start? On the Asian bloc, look in the Book of Revelation for the 200-million army “from the kings of the east” (China being east of Jerusalem). Check out Rev. 16:12.

      About the ten horns or kings, the European bloc, in “seven heads and ten horns” in the Book of Revelation, seven represents the reins of the Roman Empire, the seventh and last yet to come, obviously the EU, which will eventually have ten rulers who will be a forceful part of the revived Roman Empire, the sixth revival being that of Hitler’s (as he saw himself as Caesar). Check out Rev. 12:3, 17:13 for this. Also the Book of Daniel (like 7:7 and 7:20) for the “king of the north” (EU being north of Jerusalem).

      You have to dig out history, and marry your knowledge with the Bible, and you’ll see how events are taking shape. It’s really quite fascinating, but, as I said, scary, for we’re really living in the end times. I also go to tomorrowsworld-dot-org. If you’re a Catholic, beware, as you may not like what you’ll find. Happy researching!

  8. The European Union’s not-too-subtle threat to review its trade agreement with the Philippines is nothing short of BLACKMAIL “Toe the line and do what we say or else….” is their underlying message. It’s mind boggling how those despicable foreigners are only too willing to try to thumb down economically the Philippines and cause hardship to its more than 100 million inhabitants just to support a scarlet woman like De Lima who is accused of drug connection! Then those foreigners foolishly wonder why leaders from less developed countries like Pres. Duterte resent them! Whew.

    • Read European Union and Drugs:

      Well they are asked to pay their fair share in NATO, then there is the proposed border tariff by Trump which will impact Germany and import from EU. So maybe they feel they need to “bully” someone they can “bully” since they themselves are feeling pressure from BIG BROTHER, LOL.

      That is why people in Philippines need to do what they can to improved their country, then no one can dictate on you. Don’t elect corrupt/stupid politician then you are on your way to a better future.

  9. The Philippines’ Senate should also pass a Resolution that the European Union should not allow the Brexit. Let’s see how they will react

  10. Hmmm … is this the same Europe that waged wars on China to turn the Chinese population into drug addicts? Or the Europe that colonized much of Southeast Asia at the expense of the Asian people? And now that it enters a period of decline as Asia grows in strength – it would dictate Asian policy?

    Perhaps, it would be better for Asia to chart its own course. Despite all of Europe’s contributions to modern civilization – human rights and economic fairness for the Asian has never been one of its strong suits.

    • They are ACTUALLY interfering in our business, telling us what to do and what not to do. If you are comfortable with that, most Filipinos are not.

      The Philippines has to choose between the death penalty or the trade agreement.
      The government wants the death penalty more than the trade agreement.

      Can’t have both so the PH chose the death penalty.



    No man is an island. Unless the Philippines is an autarky, you can not prevent other concerned people or countries to register their sentiments. Let us accept constructive criticisms.

    • Aphersky Lasa on

      Criticizing constructively is one thing. Meddling with internal affairs of a sovereign state is another. The EU has a refugee crisis at this time, yet they choose to focus on the Philippines. Strange.

    • Ernesto Dela Cruz on

      EU’s pronouncements are not constructive criticism. They are ACTUALLY interfering in our business, telling us what to do and what not to do. If you are comfortable with that, most Filipinos are not.