• Mindanao groups urge Aquino: Quit


    VARIOUS groups coming from different sectors in Mindanao have taken up the call for the resignation of President Benigno Aquino 3rd as they stressed the need for national transformation in the face of moral, political and social deterioration.

    They also asked the National Transformation Council (NTC), the group advocating social and political change, to advance the agenda on federalization, noting that it will pave the way for empowerment and development of all regions.

    “In the face of the evident increasingly severe deterioration of the moral, social and political fabric of our society, we call upon the NTC to speed up its effort to compel President Aquino to relinquish his position so that the earnest work of national transformation could begin. More than ever, we believe that peace and good governance in the country must begin in Mindanao,” the groups said.

    Their officials and members signed the Butuan Declaration titled “Peace and Good Governance in the Country Should Begin in Mindanao.”

    The groups’ call was a follow-up on manifestos signed by civic and religious groups in assemblies held in Lipa City in Batangas in August and Cebu City in October that urged Aquino to relinquish power.

    In a manifesto signed on Tuesday in Butuan City in Agusan del Sur, they said, “We who broadly represent the various concerned sectors and constituencies of eastern and northern Mindanao, together with our allies from other parts of Mindanao, from Basilan, Sulu archipelago, and from Luzon and the Visayas, have come together in Butuan City this 11th day of November 2014, to proclaim our support for and contribute to the immediate realization of the declared aims and objectives of the National Transformation Council.”

    The groups demanded a full and accurate accounting of the money “and other forms of assistance” that the government received from foreign governments, multilateral institutions and other donors for victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

    They said the Aquino administration should explain how, where and when these funds were used and how these benefited typhoon victims.
    “Gathered here in Butuan so close to the first anniversary of Super Typhoon Yolanda and the 7.2 earthquake that earlier destroyed centuries-old churches, public buildings and homes in Cebu and Bohol on October 15, 2013, and on the eve of the second anniversary of the floods that killed and injured hundreds of people and displaced thousands particularly in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley on December 4, 2012, and sharing the suffering of the victims of these tragedies and their families who have waited in vain for adequate government support in their recovery and rehabilitation, we raise our voices in solidarity with the people of these communities to thank all those who came to their aid and comfort during their hour of greatest need, and to express grave disappointment with the way the Aquino administration has failed to respond adequately to these crises,” the manifesto read.

    The groups also expressed concern on the “cavalier” way the government has treated the “Mindanao problem.” They said the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which is pending in Congress, did not arise from “honest and sincere consultations with our Muslim brothers and their Christian friends and neighbors.”

    “This threatens to falsify our people’s deepest longing for genuine self-management of their own affairs, and instead to create new divisions, disunity and discontent, both among those who are part and those who are not part of the new entity to be created under the BBL.

    We therefore ask the NTC to intensify genuine consultations with all stakeholders in order to come up with a real solution coming from the people themselves rather than from outside sources,” they said.

    “We specifically ask the council to consider advancing the federalization agenda for the entire country as the ultimate measure to ensure the most equitable, simultaneous empowerment and development of all the regions, not just of those in Mindanao,” the groups added.

    They also called on the NTC to intervene and demand the commitment of the national government to end “monopolistic activities” that may lead some companies to “seize control of power distribution in Mindanao and beyond, through the use of political influence, intimidation and force.”


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    1. …bakit walang nakalagay na pangalan man lang kung sino itong mga National Transformation Council (NTC), the group advocating social and political change? pakunwari baka hindi tunay na taga-Mindanao itong mga ahas na ito – ano ba ang ikinatakot para mag-federalism ang bansa? dapat buong Pilipinas ang magkasang-ayon sa transformation, hindi lang ang Mindanao? dito na pinakita na yung divisiveness ng ugaling Pinoy – ‘ka ni Pacquaio “Crab Mentality”…

    2. Huwag tayo maghintay sa 2016 election para ipagklaro sa atin kung ano ang ginawa ng Aquino Administrasyon sa mga cash at material donations na binigay ng mundo sa mga biktima ng sakuna lalo na ng Yolanda. Lalo na sa DSWD na hanggang ngayon ang mga imported na dilata, bigas, noodles, blankets, etc ay nakatinga lang sa bodega ng DSWD at nabubulok lamang kaysa ipambigay sa mga nasalanta at naghihirap na atin mga kababayan!

    3. Sonny Dela Cruz on

      The NTC should draft the Federal System constitution now and later once it is finalize should publish it so that the Filipino people will know how the Federal system of government works and how the country will benefits from the new constitution. It is not hard to transform from Unicameral to Federal government. The 14 regions will become each a regional state, meaning independent of the National government in development and laws. The cordillerias & Muslim Mindanao will be one of the autonomous region also. The Federal government has laws for the entire country and the Regional states will not conflict the law of the Federal government. A Governor will be the head of Regional States and they will have their own assembly and justice system. They will have their own police for peace & order. If you have been in California, then you know how the government in California works.

    4. victor m. hernandez on

      Wait na lang, less than two years from now, national election na. Yes, the focus must be how the election will be transparent and verifiable. Dapat walang hocus pcos, at walang dagdag bawas.

    5. crisostomo ibarra on

      This is just a waste of news space…How can you asked a sitting president voted overwhelmingly by the people and who is doing a much better job than his mostly corrupt predecessors…instead you people should be helping the goverment so that our country can move forward instead of your backward pronouncements and suggestions….

      • Roldan Guerrero on

        AQUINO garnered 29% only of the voting populace. Repeat he only got 29% which is even doubtful if were not a product of a rigged election. It was a rumble election, meaning there were many candidates. He is the sitting president who got the least number of votes who won on controversial means, probably because of the so many issues coming out that the 2010 elections were pre-programmed on the HUKOS-PCOS machines. Let us give way to the initiative for AQUINO ouster, afer a thourough audit once he gets down the Filipinos will learn that he is the Father of all Plunderers in Phil. hisotory. His physical appearance being the ugliest president ever elected characterizes the style of his governance. I have never seen such an incompetent man who aspired for the highest position of the country.

      • To Mr. Roldan Guerrero: And after more than 4 yrs. of his incompetence, i believe more than half or majority of those 29% who voted for pnoy have now regretted why they voted for him in the 1st place. I am actually hoping against hope pnoy will be ousted sooner before his term ends. But if it will serve as a sort of consolation for me however, i will be looking forward for the time that BS Aquino will face numerous criminal cases being filed against him after his immunity clause will expire ( to include also those abusive cohorts of his ).

    6. I sincerely believe that the only way to transform the Philippine society is to first destroy this evil oligarchy which continue to influence our destiny as a nation. Ever since the rise of the Cory Aquino presidency, oligarchy was the main sponsor and instigator of the country’s development agenda. The past and present presidents are and where puppets of the oligarchs. When the sitting president, like PGMA, attempts to subvert the will of the sponsoring oligarchs, he or she will be unceremoniously ousted through trial by publicity using their conscript media. The public humiliation is what the gullible citizenry relish, first as an entertainment and then as fodder for their indolent lifestyle. However, the job of dismantling this oligarchy is almost impossible since the constitution was crafted by their puppets and the government institutions, like the judiciary, military and the police are beholden to the ruling oligarchy. The painful option is through a violent revolution by the oppressed and less-privileged masses. No less.

      • I agree with you on the control of the oligarchy. But uprising and revolutions may not always be the solution to end their political and economic control. Such exercises often results to the rise of an even rapacious breed of the old and some new group of people even greedier and hungier than the people they replaced. Remember people power? But change we must, and for the better. Otherwise, natural as well as man made external forces will hammer us continually till we get it right. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    7. Aquino will not quit. He even planned to amend the Constitution for him to allow for a second term. However, this is a good start. Visayas is already fuming with anger from the slow response after Typhoon Yolanda. In fact in Tacloban if you will visit there, there were still several families living on tents. The traffic jam here in Manila until now was not yet given a permanent resolution. The PDAF, DAP, bid rigging, etc has not been resolved also. The culprits still holding juicy position in the goverment. They concentrate more on politics than to serve the people. The corruption in the goverment is everywhere. Let us join hands for him to force to quit.

    8. I don’t agree, who will replace Pnoy? VP Binay? Lolong Drillon? Bellybelmonte? Pwee. Maybe pwede pa kung si CJ Sereno. Let Pnoy finish his term until 2016 and who ever wins the election seats as the new president.

    9. Abolish autonomous regions,NO to Bangsamoro terrorist government who wants sharia law same thing the ISIS use to terrorist those who does not believe in their belief.Islamist MILF only represent themselves not the majority,kawawa dito ay mga moderate Muslims at Christians.NTC you have to stop this a lot of people will die and displace in the future if BBL push thru.Senators doesnt care what gonna happen in the future all they care is the votes.

    10. Claro Apolinar on

      Let’s pray that Almighty God melts the heart of President Noynoy so he decides to resign and allows the National Transformation Council of moral leaders to clean up and supervise the elections in 2016–WITHOUT THE SMARTMATIC PCOS MACHINES!

    11. This is a good move by the people of Mindanao to align themselves to the NTC and folks in those regions should come together to reject all the efforts to control their way of living. People of Mindanao should also come together to end the political careers of Senathieves and Representathieves for treason against the people of Mindanao for towing the line of the PNoy administration and accepted bribes thru their PDAF and DAP allocations. Persons like Koko Pimentel, Teofisto Guingona, Ungab, Nograles and many more Mindanao legislathieves who continue to lick the balls of PNoy so they will also continue to receipt millions of bribes from this administration.