Mindanaoans unite for charity event


A group of former football players from Mindanao will launch their first-ever charity open-play football event on July 24 at the Mckinley Hill Stadium in Taguig City.

Carlos Sescon II, JJ Clemente, RS Mantos, Stephen Permanes and Keith Mordeno, who all hail from different provinces in Mindanao, organized the event aiming to promote awareness about cancer.

According the Permanes, a former player of now-disbanded Pachanga Diliman FC in the United Football League, the main objective of the affair is to raise funds for the parents of two of their fellow Mindanao standouts.

“This event has a two-fold purpose. First is to help raise funds for the hospitalization of the fathers of two of our fellow Mindanaoan players due to illness, one of which is cancer stricken. With this event, we would like to share to every participant the importance of preventing measures to avoid cancer as a disease,” he told The Manila Times.

The player-turned teacher explained that it would similarly serve as a platform to exhibit unity that his fellow Mindanao natives have developed through the sport.

“In addition to the mentioned cause, our group would also like to espouse a more important message at the least to the footballing community that Mindanaoans are united in times of adversity. Our decision to set aside regional, provincial and more importantly our school pride and interests is to show that we, Mindanaoans are catalyst for change and unity,” he stated.

Mantos reiterated that they hope to hold more charity games regularly but financial constraints have been a burden to their group.

“We hope that people will support us. We started this cause using our own money and it will be hard for us to sustain it that way,” Mantos stressed.

The event will be held in an open-play format, which will feature seven-a-side games in four separate mini-pitches. Entrance fee is P300 for each participant.



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